Signal app on Apple Watch, is possible? here are some Good Alternatives

AppleSignal app on Apple Watch, is possible? here are some Good Alternatives

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The signal app which has taken up a steep growth recently thanks to Elon Musk’s one little tweet has users flocking Play Store & App Store to give it a go at the privacy concerned application. Signal had a surge of about 50 million downloads in January 2021. Because of this sudden increase in users, people have started looking for features missing in Signal. One major is Apple Watch Support.

Signal App for Apple Watch

The signal is not supported by Apple Watch as of now. There has been no update from Signal on whether it’s coming anytime soon in the feature. I think the company is focused on bringing many other features that must on the top of the priority list. They just came up with good features like Custom Wallpaper, Using Signal on PC, and more.

Do we have an option?

Is it Crucial to have Apple Watch Support? Not at all. If you are part of the Apple Ecosystem, the handoff or the continuous sync feature that encompasses the Apple devices is part of what makes this ecosystem a special one among its millions of users.

I personally feel that it would be great to have an end to end support in the Apple ecosystem. I have been using an iPhone, Mac & an Apple Watch. It’s such a great feeling when all the devices are in sync. It is definitely overkilled. Using an Apple Watch definitely has made me open my phone less. Since the Apple Watch has fewer interactive options compared to an iPhone, your interaction will be mostly looking at it and not doing much about it. Hence missing the Signal app on your Apple Watch won’t be a big deal.

Here’s some options that can actually work for your Apple Watch appetite and instant messaging applications.

The biggest Alternative

As we know that Signal App for the Apple Watch is not in near future, if you are looking for a messaging platform that supports Apple Watch, look no further than Telegram. This would be the biggest platform that supports Apple Watch. You might have noticed that I didn’t mention or recommend WhatsApp. This is because WhatsApp doesn’t support Apple Watch either.

Other Signal Alternative Apps on Apple Watch

1. Line

The line is a freeware messaging platform that lets you send messaging to your friends using smartphones on different platforms. This can be the best alternative to the Signal app on your Apple watch. More than just being a messaging platform, Line also has VOIP calling, video calling, and many more features. The Line App is based in Tokyo as a subsidiary of a South Korean company. This might seem like a lesser-known app, but it is super popular and has hundreds of millions of users on the eastern side of the world.

LIneChat provides a basic interface in Apple Watch to reply and interact with Line Chat notifications that you receive in your Apple Watch.

2. iMessage

Considering iMessage belongs to Apple, its usual to think that Apple would put the effort to actually to create a dedicated Apple Watch app for iMessage. You can use Siri in Apple Watch to actually send a message or even do it manually.

As soon as you receive a message as notification scroll using the digital crown to actually see all the options as seen below. There are options like dictations, draw on screen , quick reactions like thumbs up or a heart.

Another great use of iMessage in Apple Watch is that its so easy to send quick replies from Apple Watch. As soon as you get the message, just tap on the list of quick replies.

3. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger which is part of the Facebook social network also has a robust Apple Watch app which works smoothly. You can  React to notifications, Send quick replies, Receive stickers, GIFs and emojis and even Reply using speech-to-text dictation, Reply using Scribble-to-text dictation using the Facebook Apple Watch App.

If you have a cellular Apple Watch you can actually use Facebook messenger app without a connection to the Apple Device.

4. WhatsApp on Apple Watch workaround

WatchChat is a fastest growing solution to use Whatsapp on your Apple watch. Its not the perfect solution but it definitely works. My personal opinion is that the UI could be a lot better considering its in the Apple ecosystem.

There are many other messaging apps that support the wearable device like WeChat etc., But its always good to stick with apps that your friends use because they there’s no point in using apps that none of your friends use.

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Final thoughts on Signal App for Apple Watch

As you can see if you are strict about Watch Support that means you will have to move to a different platform with all of your chats from the previous app. It doesn’t work very well to actually migrate. So, please have this in mind while switching to a different messaging platform for the purpose of having Apple Watch support.

To be honest, it would be better to wait for Signal to start supporting Apple Watch rather than moving to another messaging platform for the sole purpose of requiring Apple Watch Support. From the looks of it, Signal would be incorporating new features soon enough because of the increasing user base of high demand from angry users like me.

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