How to Use Quick Note in macOS Monterey on Mac?

AppleHow to Use Quick Note in macOS Monterey on Mac?

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Taking note of any idea then and there is a must. But we tend to skip it considering the hassle of opening an app for this purpose. So, here we are with a solution that Apple provides for this problem. Quick Note is a simple feature that Apple offers to document all your thoughts and ideas in few clicks. Therefore, this process of note taking is not tedious anymore. Its going to be fun and easy.

Moreover, this Quick Note is inbuilt with the Apple Notes app. So, you have all the notes documented in Quick Note automatically synced with other Apple devices linked to your Apple account. Although this feature is specifically for iPad and Mac, it can also be viewed and edited on iPhone too. This article will instruct you to access this Quick Note feature on your Mac.

Set Up a Hot Corner

It is essential that a hot corner must be set up on your Mac for the quick access of Quick Notes. It would make the process ease and smooth. Hot Corners can convert each of the four corners of your screen on your Mac into quick shortcuts. This would let you access Quick Note and similar features by just moving the cursor to one of your desired corner. Now let’s make a hot corner on your Mac.

Step 1: Click on the Apple icon on the top left corner of your screen as shown in the picture below.

Step 2: In the drop down that appears, click on the System Preferences as shown below

Step 3: In the dialog box that opens under the header System Preferences, tap on the option Mission Control as seen in the given picture.

Step 4: This would open up a dialog box in which click on the option Hot Corners at the bottom left corner.

Step 5: It would open up a drop down menu. In it choose anyone of the corners as the hot corner. Here, bottom right corner is chosen as shown in the picture below.

Step 6: Then click Ok butoon on the bottom right corner of the box.

A hot corner is succesfully created for Quik Note.

How to Access a Quick Note on Mac?

You have already created the Quick Note shortcut in macOS Monterey. Now let’s try and access it.

Step 1: To access the Quick Note, move the cursor to the selected Hot Corner to open up a Quick Note. This can also be done using the keyboard shortcut which will be discussed later in detail.

Step 2: As soon as you bring the cursor to the Hot Corner, the Quick Note would pop up as shown in the picture below.

Step 3: Once the Quick Note is popped up, click on it to expand it. Then you can write down all your ideas and plans with much ease.

How to Use Keyboard Shortcuts to Access a Quick Note on Mac?

There is also other alternate for accessing Quick Note. Follow the given instructions to use keyboard shortcuts for the purpose of accessing Quick Note.

Step 1: Go to the specific location or app where you require to create a Quick Note on your Mac.

Step 2: Then use the shortcut in the keyboard, Fn+Q inorder to access the Quick Note.

Also note, it is also possible to open a Quick Note from the Control Center on your Mac. This feature is currently available, however it might be introduced by Apple in any one of its future update.

How to View, Edit your Quick Note in MacOS Monterey?

You have already created a Quick Note and started using them. If you want to find where those quick notes are stored, follow the steps given below. The Apple notes app has a separate Quick Notes section to store all your notes made via Quick Notes.

Step 1: First of all, open your Notes app on your Mac.

Step 2: Now select the Quick Notes option that can be seen at the top of the left sidebar.

Step 3: As soon as click on Quick Notes, you will be able to view all the Quick notes saved earlier. Select the one you would want to view. Then you can go ahead editing, deleting or even sharing the selected Quick Note.

If you want to access the Quick Notes in your iPhone, Just open the Notes app and look for the Folders section. At the very top of the screen, you would find the Quick Notes folder.

That’s how to use the macOS Quick Note feature. The feature is also available for the iPad Notes app. I don’t think its coming anytime soon for the iPhone but as I said earlier, you could access the Quick Notes from your iPhone.

This feature will be quite popular considering its a lot of people use Sticky Note apps all the time to be more productive.

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