How to Use Apple Translate App in iOS 15

AppleHow to Use Apple Translate App in iOS 15

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  • Now you can translate anylanguages with a single App in your iPhone
  • iOS 15 has the advanced level Translate Apps.
  • Also, use the offline option to translate languages.

Looking at “How to Use Apple Translate App in iOS 15?” This post is for you – Apple recently unveiled the newest features that are coming to iOS15 this fall. Alongside the widget-based home screen, App Library, Messages & Maps, the newest addition to the iOS experience is the Translate App. As you can assume, this app allows you to translate and talk to people in 11 different languages.

How to Use Apple Translate App in iOS 14

The languages supported are Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. This might not seem like a big deal until you realize that Apple is generally not in the business of Machine Learning. The iPhone maker is taking a huge stride in the direction to give an extensive Siri-based experience. So, how does this thing perform? Let’s talk a look at Apple Translate in iOS 15.

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How to Use Apple Translate App in iOS 15

As iOS 15 has only reached public beta, there is no guarantee as to whether the current experience will improve alongside the public release this fall. The Apple Translate app comes built in to the Software Update of iOS 15.

I have to give it up to Apple for making the UI as simple as possible. No hidden menus, no overwhelming user experience. Apple Translate comes in as simple as possible. Follow these steps to understand how to Use Apple Translate App in iOS 15.

  1. Open the Apple Translate app from the Home Screen. As you can see it the most elegant and simple user interface which serves the purpose effectively.
  2. At the top of the screen, you will find two tabs which say the From language & To language. As it implies on its own, From language is the language you want the phrase to be converted from, and To Language is the language of the expected output.

  3. There are two ways to enter input. It could be done by either voice or by typing it in. To enter the text by voice, tap on the Mic icon at the bottom as you can see below.
  4. If you are opting to type it in, enter text and Tap on the Search in the Keyboard.

  5. This would translate the text to the required language and would be shown to you as follows. Once translated, you could also play the translated text by tapping Play button.

  6. To change the From & To language, tap on the tabs above. This would open the list of languages. As of July 2020, Apple Translate supports 11 different languages. You could choose to change the language from the list.

How to use the Favourites feature in Apple Translate

There are two features in Apple Translate that can be very handy. One is Favourites and the other is Recent. As the name suggests, you could favorite translations that you have done already and the Recent is a log of all the translations you have done for. Tap on the favorites tab at the bottom next to the Translate Tab.

Offline Support

Apple Translate offers Offline Support. This requires you to manually chose to offline download the languages that you want to use without the internet. In case if you chose to not offline download, Siri & the internet are used for every single translation request you make.

Translate app is enabled by “on-device machine learning,” which means the translation is doing in the iPhones instead of Apple’s data centers. It’s believed to have more accuracy & privacy when it’s done on the device.

Turn your orientation to Landscape to have a better experience in Apple Translate.

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