How to Turn ON Airdrop

Airdrop is one of the easiest ways to send and receive files. This feature can be worked on iOS and MacOS. It is very quick, easy and simple to use just like your Bluetooth. You can use airdrops to send photos, emails, videos songs, and even robust PDF files. It is very useful if you are sitting very near to the person you want to transfer the files as it has a very short range.  The airdrop uses the Bluetooth feature to create a network to transfer the files. The advantage it has over other devices is you don’t have to open a new window to view files, but can directly navigate without copying and pasting in the other tabs. It uses inscription to conceal your files.

Accessing airdrops on IOS

By re-configuring the control center in iOS 11, Apple has made it a bit difficult to use to access airdrop. At least the airdrop feature still works, thankfully.

Step 1 – Whether you are using an iPhone, iPad or iPod swipe from the bottom for the control center window to open. Swipe down from the upper right corner if you are having iPhone X.

Step2 – Make sure you have both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned on. Hold any of the above-mentioned icons which will lead you to controls like airdrops.

Step 3 – By clicking on the airdrop button with your finger, you can open the quick settings menu which will enable you to enable you to send and receive files by airdrop.

Note: If you see “Receiving off” feature and are not able to turn on, then you can switch it on by going into the “Settings”, then “general”, then “restrictions”.

Using airdrop on IOS

Step 1- Go to the file you want to share with your colleagues. The feature’s icon displays a box pointing upward arrow which will lead you to the share button.

Step 2 – A list of devices will appear after you click on the share button. Choose the desired device. Once your colleague accepts, “sent” will appear on the device name.

Airdrop on MACOS

Step 1- From the dock, open “finder”. If you don’t get it in the left-hand sidebar, you can access it from the from the menu bar then choose “airdrop”.

Step2 – A list of devices appears. Choose the files and drag to the recipient name to which you want to transfer.

Making sense of airdrop quick settings

You will have three options once you get access to the to the quick setting menu.

Everyone- This allows all the nearby IOS to share files with you by using airdrops.

Receiving off- This feature would enable your device’s name by not showing it to anyone.

Contacts only- As the name suggests, this feature of airdrop allows only the persons available in your contacts to send or receive the files using airdrops.



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