How to tag someone on Instagram (In 2 Steps)

InternetHow to tag someone on Instagram (In 2 Steps)

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This post helps you quickly to tag someone on Instagram, after completing this guide you can tag any of your friends on Instagram.

Without any doubt, Instagram has changed the way how we perceive visual content, allowing businesses and individuals to connect with the world via graphics, videos, and pictures. Instagram has made connecting with like-minded people even easier with the option to tag another Instagram user or user behavior. This is very much similar to what we see on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, which notifies users who have been tagged, thus allowing easier reach out to them. In this particular post, I have put information together to understand the concept of tagging, types of tagging and how they actually work.

What are Instagram Tags?

In colloquial terms, tags are labels attached to the content on Instagram. These labels help the right individuals or groups to bump into the labeled content easily. Tags have become a convenient way for individuals and businesses to increase their reach of a message or photo on Instagram.

Types of Tags used to Tag Someone on Instagram

There are primarily 2 types of tagging that are used in Instagram – Hashtag, and Username.

  • Hashtags – Hashtags are words followed by the symbol #(hash) that are primarily used to categorize a post or comment. Example #business is a tag that is used on a post related to business and all users interested in that particular keyword could view the post when you search for.
  • Usernames – Tagging users to a post or a comment to notify them of reminding of possible interest in the post or comment. Username tags are placed with the symbol @ before the start of the actual username.

Ways to Tag Someone on Instagram

There are a lot of things that you can do on Instagram when it comes to tagging. Here are some of the ways you can tag friends or use hashtags to give a label to your posts and comments.

How do you tag accounts of individuals and businesses in your photo?

I hope you are now well versed in how to upload photos on Instagram. I shall skip that step and directly talk about how to tag people and business accounts. Here we go!

  • When you are uploading a photo, there is an option to tag people. All you have to do is tap on the ‘Tag People’ button.
  • Start typing the username in the field provided. As you start typing the username multiple usernames will be filtered for you to select. Select the account that you intend to tag in the post.
  • Tap on ‘Done’.

That’s it. You are done!

How to tag someone in an Instagram Caption?

Every post on Instagram can be captioned and you can place tags of your friends and family here as well. Here is how you go about doing it?

  • When you are writing the caption for an uploaded photo, simply type the special character ‘@’ followed by the username of either an individual or a business
  • Simply tap on the username that is listed.
  • Tap on ‘Done’

How to tag someone on Instagram on an already posted photo?

If you forgot to tag a friend in a post or if you have accidentally tagged a wrong person, Instagram gives you an option to edit your post as well as the caption. Here is how you go

  • Go to the photo that has already been posted
  • Gently tap on the icon that has three dots. This icon is placed just below the post.
  • It displays an option that says ‘Edit’. You are navigated to ‘Edit Info’ In the screen, you will find an icon that looks like a person
  • Tap on the photo and tag a user under ‘Add People’
  • Once you are done tagging the right people, the simple tap on ‘Done’
  • Again you have to tap on ‘Done’ on the Edit Info screen

How to tag someone on Instagram comment/s?

  • When you are typing a comment on a post, simply put ‘@’ and continue typing the username. Tap on the username
  • Tap in Post Comment
  • You are done!

How to add Hashtags in a Comment?

Another way to make sure your post is discoverable and reaches to the likeminded audience is by using Hashtags. It is similar to how we have used ‘@’ for tagging accounts. All you need to do is instead of ‘@’ use a ‘#’ ( hash) on your comments or posts. Here is how it’s done.

  • When commenting on photos include the # along with the name/tag that you wish to use. For example – Hey @username, I enjoyed the #party very much. Hope to #meet you all soon.
  • Post the comment.

Tagging is one of the best ways to reach out to your intended audience quickly. Be it your friends or people with similar behavior as yours, using hashtags and usernames pinpoints at the target audience, making them view your posts. The primary objective of social media has been to reach out to potential customers while constantly attracting more followers to your account, and the best way to attracting customers is by using relevant tags where ever and whenever possible on Instagram.

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