How to Slow down a Video on Snapchat

InternetHow to Slow down a Video on Snapchat

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Nowadays, we see a lot of content involving slow motion in snaps and reels on social media platforms. We see these things every single day. If you have an iPhone then you can actually use the Slo-mo feature to shoot videos that are in slow motion.

But in case if you shot the video in regular mode, then you might need a special app to slow down the video and then post on Snapchat. Or else you can use the edit snap feature in the Snapchat app.

Steps to slow down a video on snapchat

These steps are for when you have already shot the video at normal speed and then want to slow it down in the Snapchat app. I am using the latest version of Snapchat so in case if you have an earlier version, the screenshot might look a little different from how it’s seen on your device.

Also, the screenshots are from an iPhone, it shouldn’t be difficult to follow on the Android device.

  1. Open Snapchat in your device. Open Snapchat
  2. Once you are in the Snapchat app, Tap on the Gallery icon pointed out in the screenshot below. This will open the Gallery window. Gallery
  3. In the Gallery window, tap on the Camera Roll Tab to choose it from the Photos app. Choose the video and tap on it. Camera Roll
  4. Once you have chosen the video that you want to slow down, tap on the three dotted icon at the top right corner as shown below. Tap three dotted icon
  5. In the menu that appears, choose Edit Video. Edit Video
  6. Once you are in the Edit mode, swipe over the video area until the Snail opton option as pointed out in the screenshot below Snail Effect
  7. Once you are in the Snail mode, the video on the background starts playing the slowed down version, you can tap on the Send To button at the top right bottom of the screen. Press Send to

Ready to Slow down videos in Snapchat?

Now, whoever you sent it to will have a slowed-down version of the video. Please beware to note that if you have a camera that can record only 24 frames per second, then the slowed-down version of the video will be not very good to watch in terms of quality. it might be a little glitchy.

In addition to this, we can definitely use any slow-motion apps from third parties to slow down videos. It’s a good choice to do that because sometimes the quality of the slowed-down video can be better when it comes to third-party apps.

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