How to share files from one laptop to another laptop through WI-FI?

You can share files, play multiplayer Games and perform even much more operations through connecting two Laptops in WI-FI. But how to connect two laptops through WI-FI ?
Here are some Tips to connect two laptops through WI-FI:
Step 1:
     To share files through WI-FI, first of all you have to create an ad hoc network. 
      After network creation, enable the network so that others could find your network.
Step 2:
      “New network” is the network created by you, when the other person using his laptop after switching ON his WI-FI could find your network and click connect to get connected.

Step 4:  After clicking connect the other person will be requested to type the security code created by you and when you give him the code, the person can access your shared files.