How to share a folder in windows 7

        You can send a file from one computer to the other through LAN cables or through WI-Fi or even through Bluetooth, But how making the file sharable? Here are some tips for " How to share a folder in windows 7",  Before going in to further steps make your files in to a folder, because only a folder can be shared.

Step 1: 

     Select the folder to be shared and make a right click and go to the folder Properties, or you can press " ALT + Enter " for properties. And then select the Share with option.

Step 2:

       When you select the Share with option, you can find 4 options pop-ing out, select anyone based on your need.

             Nobody : On clicking Nobody, File will not be shared with anyone.
             Homegroup (Read) : On clicking " Homegroup (Read) ", you can share your folder with anybody in the homegroup and the Read option will let them only to view the files and not to edit or delete.
            Homegroup (Read/Write) : Read/write will let the members in homegroup to view, edit and delete the file and they can even add a new file to your shared folder.
            Specific people.. : You can choose specific users to handle the file.

Step 3:
            After choosing the Homegroup, you can share the folder with that group. And if you choose for a "Specific people" option then you can see the file sharing window there you can choose the person to share your file.     


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