How to share a file from one laptop to another laptop through wireless?

                    Hello Guys, you can share your files from one computer to the other through LAN just by connecting the LAN cables, 
                     But how will you be sharing your files from one laptop to the other laptop, Here are some tips and tricks to share your files.


  1. Sharing through Bluetooth :

    In case of single and smaller file, you can make use of your Bluetooth. Make sure that your system has Bluetooth device or Bluetooth dongle, and drivers for Bluetooth are completely installed and working. Turn ON your Bluetooth and follow the steps.

  2. Sharing through WI-FI :

    You can share files, play multiplayer Games and perform even much more operations by connecting two Laptops in WI-FI. But how to connect two laptops through WI-FI?  Before moving on to the connectivity of your laptops, just make your files shareable and then You can share your files through WI-FI using an ad hoc network.