How To Set Zoom Virtual and Blur Background

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When you have to attend the meetings on Zoom to discuss your business, the home background will not really be a suitable choice. But, changing the location is not always the choice. In this case, changing the background is a wiser choice. Zoom App on Mobile and Desktop has many Virtual background choices for you to use, Your face and body will be visible and replaced by a different and suitable background.

What is Zoom Virtual Background?

Zoom app and desktop software give you the option of hiding your present background and replacing it with the Virtual Background of your choice. This change will make all of the background disturbances disappear from your meeting in a single click. Let’s see how it is done!

How to Set Virtual Background in Zoom in Android Mobile:

Zoom just came with a new update on Android phones with this Virtual Background feature for Android, below are the steps to enable that-

  1. Open Zoom and Join or create a New Meeting
  2. Turn the Video ON
  3. Now click on the More option at the bottom right
  4. From the list choose Virtual Background
  5. Now you’ll see 3 cool backgrounds, click any of that to enable virtual background
  6. Click close

If you can’t see the Virtual meeting option on your Mobile Phone?

Try Turning ON Zoom virtual meeting on your PC by going here – and check again on your mobile. If this didn’t work, then you have to wait for a new update.

Upload Virtual Backgrounds from Android Mobile Gallery

If you don’t like any of the three default backgrounds given, you can upload the images that you need as your background. Click on the + sign to use any of the mobile gallery images as Virtual background. You can also search for images on the Internet and upload them.

How to set Blur Background on Zoom

Some people don’t want a virtual image as their background and they also don’t want to show the real one, instead they like to show a blurred background. Google Meet came with blur background option but Zoom hasn’t yet, but there’s a trick for that. Just upload a blur image from your phone gallery, if you don’t have one try this.

How to change Zoom background on iPhone:

Download the zoom app from Google Play or App Store etc. This app can be installed on Android and Mac. You can also use it on iPad, Android tablet or Windows Tablet, etc. ZOOM Cloud Meetings is 115.9 MB in the App Store and 97 MB in Google Play. When you install the app, make your account or sign in to the account that you already have. Then, you will need to give a microphone and camera access

  1. Once the app is installed and ready, enter the meeting and tap on the More on the top right corner. 
  2. Then tap on the Virtual Background option to enter the background settings.
  3. You can now choose the background of your choice or you can tap on the Plus button at the end of the backgrounds to add your custom image as a background of your meeting.
  4. When you have selected the background of your choice then you can tap on the close button on the top left corner and you are ready to go!

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How to change Zoom Desktop Virtual background:

Download the zoom desktop software that can run on your computer. It is available for Windows and Mac computers. Zoom meeting is 21.5 MB and Zoom Rooms is 133 MB in size. You will need to create your account to start the setup. Or, if you already have your account then you can simply sign in and get started. When you install the app, it will ask you for microphone and camera access, you can proceed after granting the necessary access to the software.

  1. When your Zoom is installed and ready, then you need to click your profile that you can find on the right corner. 
  2. Then click settings.
  3. When you enter the settings, you will go to Background & Filter settings. Here you can choose the filter that you prefer for your video.
  4. You will find Virtual Backgrounds and Video Filters in your meeting sessions with these settings. You can choose the best according to your choice and then you are ready to go!
  5. But if you don’t want to use the existing filters or if you want to use your own image as a background then you can click on the Plus button on the top right side of the Background & Filters section. 
  6. You can choose your custom images or filters with this button. It will allow you to do your personal branding. You can be as creative as you want with this feature and make sure that your background image works perfectly for you.

Important: To set-up the background of your meeting, Core i5 quad-core is a minimum system requirement. If your computer doesn’t meet the requirements, the meeting background will not work for you. 

Conclusion: Using virtual background on zoom can take away your worries about background management because when you will use image or video as a background, your meeting and presentation will automatically become much more professional and appealing for those who are attending it. 

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