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Many experts believe that by getting up early in the morning, people tend to have a few extra hours in their hands and can be way more productive than someone who gets up late. So, just like me, you’d have also tried setting up an alarm on your mobile phone. But come on, we aren’t humans if we don’t snooze it over and over or sleep again after turning it off. It’s really difficult to get up early just by setting an alarm on our phones because they might not have so loudspeakers and some of you might not even have phones if you’re a student or due to any other reason. Did you know you can set up an alarm even on your Windows 11 laptop or desktop? Nope? Well, as long as you can keep your Windows 11 computer turned on, it can be a great way of setting an alarm too since usually, the speakers on a laptop or computer are louder than our phones, and snoozing them isn’t as easy as a phone too.

There’d be many more reasons why you’d want to set an alarm in your Windows 11 PC, but the question is…how? Since the latest update to Windows 11, many users find it difficult to get to the required tool they need. It’d definitely take some time for everyone to get used to Windows 11.

So, in this post, I’m gonna show you how to set up an Alarm on your Windows 11 PC.

  1. Go to Search

    Let’s get started with the ‘search’ icon on your home screen. Click the icon and a search bar would pop up. An alternate method includes hovering the cursor above the ‘search’ icon, it’d also lead you to the same search bar.

    Search for Alarm clock

  2. Search for “Alarm” or “Clock” and open the Clock app

    Now type ‘alarm’ in the search bar of the page that opens and you’d see a ‘Best Match’ section as per our search. In the ‘Best Match’ section, you’d see an option, ‘Alarms and Clock’ which would take you to our required destination. Needless to say, you’d have to click that option.

  3. Select Alarm on the left side

    You’d now be at the ‘Alarms and Clock’ page where you’d see different options on the left side of your screen. Find and select the ‘Alarm’ option among all the other choices.

    Choose Alarm from left side

  4. Edit Alarm

    Now, you’d see a preview box of the default alarm settings which are already saved in all of the devices. Click the box to get an option for editing the alarm. There’d be a small window, ‘Edit Alarm’, click it open and now you can edit your alarm as per your need.

  5. Set Alarm

    Change the timing of the alarm by choosing both, the hour and the minute of setting off the alarm. You can also type the timing rather than changing it by clicking the up and down arrows. The name of your alarm can also be changed if you feel the need to do so.

  6. Save Alarm

    Click on the ‘Save’ option for saving your alarm, which is a must or you would’ve gone through the trouble of setting the alarm for nothing.

    Save Alarm

Know these before setting up alarm in Windows 11

These steps included everything you’d need to set up an alarm in Windows 11 but there are a few more things that should be known about the alarm function as they can be really helpful for you. Here they are:

  1. When you set an alarm, it’d go off once the timing set by you has gone. But to save yourself the trouble of setting an alarm everyday, you can select the option ‘Repeat Alarm’. It lets you save the same alarm for any other day or all days of the week…quite a useful feature.
  2. There’s an option which even lets you choose between the different sounds for your alarm. You’d see a musical note icon on your alarm window and just next to that icon, you’d find a box. Click on it and select the sound which is better for you. Though, there aren’t many options included in them.
  3. As discussed earlier, there’s an option for snoozing the alarm too in Windows. So, you can always edit the time period for snoozing your alarm. You’d find a box just below the box for changing sounds in the alarm. That box is for changing the snooze intervals. You can even disable the snooze option, which would make it easier for you to get to work because you won’t have an option to snooze the alarm.
  4. Do you need multiple alarms for multiple times? No need to get another device for this, Windows can handle almost everything for you. After saving your previous alarm, you’d get an option ‘+ Add an Alarm’. Click it and follow all the steps mentioned earlier to set up a new alarm.
  5. To delete a previously saved alarm, click on the ‘pencil’ icon next to the ‘+ Add an Alarm’ icon. You’d now see the preview of all the saved alarms and there’d be a ‘trashcan’ icon on top of them. Click on it and then select ‘done’ to delete an alarm.
  6. Once you get back to the main page for the Alarms, where we began with, you’d see a toggle bar on top of the preview of every saved alarm. You can click on the toggle bar to turn on and off the alarm instantly.
  7. Alarms in windows follow a 24-hour clock format since there isn’t any option for changing AM/PM. So, you won’t be able to save alarms in 12-hour clock format.

We tried to mention everything in detail that should be known for setting alarms in your Windows 11 and tried our best to keep the steps as simplistic as possible.

If you’ve any doubts or queries, feel free to ask us and we’d be there for you.

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