How to send message in Facebook when blocked ?Hello Facebook Users! This post is gonna be much useful to you…! 

       Facebook is a giant social network, where we interact with our friends daily, but due to some misuses like giving more friend requests, it will affect you by Blocking your account from sending messages and adding friends. 

Here’s a Trick to:

  • Send messages even when you are blocked.
  • Send Messages to a non-friend.
  • Send Messages when someone Unfriend you.
We have a single trick for these 3, 
How to send message in Facebook when blocked ?
You will find this Pop-up box showing ” You’re temporarily blocked ” but don’t worry, we have the trick, Follow below-given steps.
  •    Go to the person’s profile, to whom you want to send messages.
  •     Copy his Facebook user ID in the Address bar (
How to send message in Facebook when blocked ?
  • After copying, Go to your mail account (say, Gmail), which should be get connected with your Facebook account.
  • Create a new mail, and in the recipient, field gives the
  •  Type your message and click send 
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    How about if someone is blocked & you want to send thm a message?how will i send?

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