10 Simple Steps to Sell Anything on Facebook Shops [2021]

Internet10 Simple Steps to Sell Anything on Facebook Shops

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Those are the days when People sell something on Facebook using their post with the words “For Sale” and then Facebook came with the marketplace and people are happy buying and selling but the only problem so far is, to sell a product Facebook didn’t have a Buy or Add to cart button and they have to sell directly from their own website. They have to invest huge amounts on the E-commerce website which is time-consuming and optimizing the site is a very big challenge followed by setting up payment gateways and many more. But, now Facebook announced Facebook Shops, where you can directly buy and Sell from Facebook pages.

How to buy on Facebook
  1. Visit the page and click view Shop to check the shop
  2. Choose the product you want to buy
  3. Choose Add to Cart or Buy the product immediately on Facebook.

How to Sell a Product on Facebook Shops?

Selling on Facebook Shops is free and simple, Take all your products, create collections, assign Title, description, and Price and List them on your Shop. If you have a Facebook page, change that to Shop Template and follow these 10 simple steps.

  1. Give Name to your Collection
    Once you collect all your products, group them based on the type or category and Keep them as a collection. Now give every single collection a name.

    Set Details
  2. Give Collection Description
    Give a brief description of your collection, which should tell the customers what you have inside the collection easy and quick.
  3. Choose a Cover image
    Now, you have to choose an attractive cover Image, to pull your customers to check on your collection.
  4. Click Next
    Once everything is set, click Next.
  5. Add items to your collection
    You have to create and keep the products ready, Now start adding all the products you have assigned for the Collection by searching. You can give Variants, Inventory, Price, Group ID and Status to all the products you have.
  6. Click Next
    Check the items once again and click Next if you are okay listing them.

    Select Items
  7. Review and Confirm
    Your collection is now ready, Review them once again and click on the confirm button.
    Review Collection Details
  8. List Collections to Featured Collections
    It’s time for you to prioritize your collections in the featured collections. Collections in the Featured Collections will get more impressions by the customer and a high chance of purchasing them.
    Change Layout
  9. Change the Style
    You can Customize the Featured Collection area by changing the Text Size, You can have either Regular or Large size text.
  10. Pick a color
    You can pick a Shop button color from the list or you can also type in a HEX code to give your theme color to the Shop Button.

    Change Style

You are all set to Sell your Products on Facebook Shops now, not only Facebook, but you can also sell your products on Instagram Simultaneously. Customers can add their shipping details and pay through their card or any other mode of payment and place the order.

FB Checkout page

You can also share the product links in Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and other messaging platforms and sell your products quickly on Facebook Shops.

Sharing product on WhatsApp

If you find any difficulties, please let me know in the comments section.

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