How to screen capture the part of system or window ?

              You might have came across a situation of capturing your system screen, But unfortunately you don’t know how to do that? here are some tips and tricks to capture your screen. only for windows.

1. Use Printscreen:

           This is just a simple way to print the entire screen.

  •  If you want to print the current instance of your screen then don’t worry just press the Print Screen button in your keyboard. 
  • Go to Paint and just do Paste by giving Ctrl + V.
  • Save the file.
2. Using Snipping tool :

           If you are in a need to capture a particular window or a part of the screen, then snipping tool helps you a lot.
  • Press start button (winkey).
  • Type snipping tool and press Enter. 
  •        A ” + ” symbol will appear and select the portion to capture.  


  • Press the SAVE option in the window. Enjoy capturing…!
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