How to Right Click on Mac (Air, Pro, and Desktop)

AppleHow to Right Click on Mac (Air, Pro, and Desktop)

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If you are a new mac user or you recently moved from windows to mac, so you might be having trouble make right-click on your mac. As we also discussed the same in the last article and therefore, if you are finding a way to make right-clicks to make your work easier, then don’t worry. We are going to figure this out at an excellent speed.

How to right click on Mac

How to Right Click on MAC Mouse

1. Use a Mac mouse

Well, that’s the easiest method to actually do a right on a Mac. If you have a mouse with the right-click button, then just connect that to your Mac, and it will (new version) will detect the mouse and will behave well.

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Mac’s trackpad doesn’t have a right-click button as windows possess. So, there are few methods by which you can make the right-clicks without any hassle. Just follow the steps, and you are ready to go.

Methods to Right Click on MAC Touchpad

2. Click with two fingers

Now, if you don’t have the mouse, then you can use this method for doing a right-click on your Mac, it’s super handy, and I mostly use this way for right-click. To perform a right-click on your Mac, all that you need to do is tap your trackpad with two fingers, and that’s it you are done.

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3. Hold the Control key and click the Touchpad

Well, clicking with two fingers the best and the easiest way to actually perform a right-click on a Mac. And if you are still finding some alternatives, then you will find it useful. Just Hold your Ctrl key and then tap on the trackpad. It’ll do a right-click, but again, if you have better options, then this might be foolproof to use this method.

4. Assign the bottom left or right corner as a right-click area.

If you are still fell that these methods are not doing much good for you, then we have one more way to right-click on your Mac. You can tap either bottom left or bottom right to make a right-click. You need to follow the below-listed steps to set up the gesture on your Mac.

  1. Open the Menu by clicking the apple icon present at the top-left corner of your Mac.
  2. Now select “Trackpad” by choosing “System Preferences” from the drop-down.
  3. Next, check the checkbox labeled as “Secondary Click” and Select “Click in bottom left/right corner.”
  4. Now tap either bottom left or bottom right of your trackpad and boom you made a right-click.

So, this was all about how to do a right-click on a Mac. I hope you have liked the tutorial. If you still have any queries regarding the same, please leave a comment below, and I’ll try to solve it as soon as possible.

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