How to Reverse a Video on Snapchat?

InternetHow to Reverse a Video on Snapchat?

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The last couple of years or maybe a major part of the decade has been the era of disappearing story-type video content. Starting from Snapchat, now, we have Instagram stories, Messenger stories, Pinterest stories, Tik Tok and so many more which obviously all came down from the original Snapchat.

Follow the below instructions to reverse your video snaps shot in the Snapchat app. These steps are applicable for both android and ios phones. Reversing a video snap is not a very hard task. It is a cool way to make video snaps fun and interesting. You could do this by just applying a cool filter that the Snapchat app offers. However, please check that you have the latest or the updated version of the Snapchat app.

To check if it’s updated, go to the play store and type the Snapchat app. Click on the first result, and you will find an Update option if you have an older version or you will find an Open option if yours is the latest version. Click on the update button to update your Snapchat app.

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How to Reverse a video in Snapchat?

Now let us get into the instructions on how to reverse the video in Snapchat. If you have used Snapchat or Instagram stories before, the steps must be straightforward. You can follow along easily as described below.

Step 1: Record a video snap in the Snapchat app by clicking and holding the record button. For the reverse filter to be available, note that the snap you shot must be less than ten seconds and the snap must be shot in the Snapchat app. The reverse filter will not be working with the videos shot otherwise and uploaded to the Snapchat app from your device.

Step 2: The video snap you just shot will be previewing on the screen. To apply the reverse filter on it, you must keep swiping to the left until the reverse filter (which looks like ‘<<<‘, with three arrows) appears on the screen over your video. This filter would enable the video and the audio of it to be reversed. This reverse video filter appears only after you keep swiping to the left nearly eight times. There are also other filters that can slow down the video (a snail image) or speed up the video (a rabbit image). There are filters that allow you to include the time and place in which the video was shot.

Reverse Option

Step 3: After you have reversed the video, you can also try several other options where effects like text, drawings, stickers, etc can be added to the video. Snapchat was the O.G. Instagram story. Instagram definitely took a big chunk of the market but Snapchat had the original idea for stories and adding effects and stuff.

Step 4: After you have edited the video satisfactorily, you can send it to friends or share it in your story or download it to your device. To send it to your friends, tap Send To icon at the bottom right corner and then choose the friend to whom it must be sent. To post it in the story click on the Add to story icon in the bottom left of the screen. To download it to your device, click on the Download icon.

When does the reverse filter might come in handy?

The reverse filter is a fun filter that is used to reverse the sequence of actions in the video. It is a creative method to make beautiful videos that give you a different perspective of the video. The reversing effect can make the audience view a normal video with awe and interest. It is a cool feature that the Snapchat app offers. You will have fun when you give it a try.

Obviously, This reversal effect is always a good perspective in videos. We have to thank Boomerang because that’s what made this whole reversing video way popular. Instagram, kudos. Instagram did crazy things when it was on its own and not under Facebook.

So, this is how you can actually reverse a video on Snapchat. There are so many other effects that you could apply to videos as well.

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