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Repost posts on Instagram, Instagram has easily become one of the most engaging social media platforms and is on its way of monopolizing the entire social media market. The very clean and simple interface focuses on pleasingly beautiful photography and interesting videos. What adds fun and desirability to the app is its feature of reposting any post.

Here are some quick steps +on how to repost on Instagram. It may, however, require simple steps like downloading an app from iOS App Store or Google Play (links for which are mentioned with the steps).

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Steps to Repost Photos on Instagram 2021

  1. Obtain permission from the person to re-use their content. Download an external app “repost for Instagram”, for iOS and Android, both of which have compatibility with the app.

    Repost on Instagram

    Install Repost for Instagram on iOS and Android.
  2. Log in to your Instagram account and search for the picture or video you would like to repost.

    Instagram post 3 dots
  3.  Tap on the three dots  “…” on the top right corner of the post and select “Copy Share URL” (for iOS) and “Copy Link”(for Android). You will see a copy confirmation.

    Copy Insta post URL
  4. Open the Repost app and the copied URL will be found there

  5. Tap on the post and customize the size and background with the available option. You can change the position of the original post watermark by choosing any of the 5 boxes. You can also use the save button to Save the Instagram post or video.

    Repost options
  6.  Tap on “Repost” and choose the option to “Copy to Instagram/Feed.
  7. The Instagram window will open up. Personalize/Edit the post by selecting details like crop and adding filters from the options available.

    New Repost on Instagram
  8. If you wish to include the original caption associated with the post, tap the caption field and press “Paste”. The original caption will appear with respect to the reposted picture/video. Add your own caption and Tap on “Share” 
  9. The post will be reposted from your ID and will be visible in your Instagram feed

    Reposted Successfully

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How to Repost Videos on Instagram

  1. Open “Repost for Instagram” app
  2. Now open Instagram and copy the URL of the video you want to repost.
  3. Now go back to Repost for Instagram, you’ll see the video post there.
  4. Click on it and Repost the Video to your Instagram.

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So, these are the simple steps to repost on Instagram. Get started to share all the favorite posts today! Note that you can follow the same steps for videos as well.


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