How to report an issue in Apple Maps iOS 15

AppleHow to report an issue in Apple Maps iOS 15

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  • Now you can report Street, Road and Place issues in Apple Maps.
  • Add traffic sign, Place, Cycle path, School, Park and more.
  • Report Apple Map errors.

Apple has been working on improving its own Maps app for a long time. Even though Google Maps is the popular choice among millions of users across the world because of its extensive data points and accessibility, Apple has made it a priority to make Apple Maps a worthy competitor in the Navigation market.

I personally applaud Apple for trying to make it a worthy product because Monopoly in any industry is not good because it never enables anyone to push beyond boundaries and innovate in the application.

Now, as a user, you could also be a part of improving the Apple Maps experience. You could Report issues that would be reviewed and rectified by Apple which in turn helps its users have a better experience.

How to report an issue in Maps iOS 15

The tutorial is to show you how to report an issue in the Maps app. As of August 2021, we have a public beta for iOS 15 so the screenshots might look different if you haven’t downloaded iOS 15.

If you wish to download iOS 15, you can sign up at and then get the iOS15 public beta with your iCloud account for free. In case if you are hesitant to do that, you could wait for the public stable release coming in late September.

  1. Assuming you have iOS 15, first things first is to enable location services for the Apple Maps App. Open Settings. Choose Privacy in the Settings app.

    Select Privacy
  2. Under Privacy, choose Location Services.

    Location Services
  3. By Default it should be enabled and in case if its not, enable Location services. In the same screen you would see the list of all the installed apps. Go to Maps app and tap on it to see the options under it.

    Enable Location Services
  4. Once you are in the Maps section, Under Allow Location Services, make sure to select While Using the app.

    While using the App
  5. Now that we have done the essential settings changes, Open the Maps app. Once you open the app, it should look something like this. You should see the map of your current location with a search bar at the bottom as shown in the screenshot below. It has an option to swipe up as well.

    Maps Home Page
  6. On Swiping Up, the window reveals a lot of options like Location Favorites, Editor’s Pick, Guides and other options.

    Swipe Up Search bar
  7. Below all of that, choose Report an Issue as you can see.

    Report Issue
  8. In the Report window that appears, you could choose what type of issue you want to report to Apple as an end user. The Options available are to Add a new place to maps, Report an issue with the street you are in or Report issue with the location or even reporting an issue with directions to a particular location. Choose the proper type of issue to report.

    Report Issue Type
  9. So, under the type of issue you want to Report, you would see sub options and even a map that lets you point to a location on the maps where you could point to it. So, if you choose to Add a new place to Maps, you could choose among options like Address, Street, Traffic Sign, Place of business, Neighbourhood, Public Transport, Cycle path or foot path as to what type of place you are trying to add to the Apple Maps.

    Select sub option
  10. Lets say if you want to report an issue with a place and the options would be like whether Street or path is missing or wrong, or is it a wrong way, or a private street or path, Shape is different, no entry or even a custom issue which is not in the list that is shown here in the screenshot below.

    Report about Location
  11. Once you have typed in the details for the report, Tap on Send at the top right corner of the window. This will submit the report to Apple Maps team.

Once submitted, the issues are reviewed, I hope by human beings and I’m assuming that the same issue is reported by many people, then there might be a common consensus as to whether this is a genuine request or not.

So, ready to Report Errors, issues on Apple Maps?

So, this is how you could report an issue in the Maps app using iOS 15. Like I said earlier if you could be a small part of improving the Apple Maps to make it into a better product when compared to Google Maps which is miles away from what Apple Maps is now, then take that time to report issues and help them out.

Google Maps does this better because they have reward programs for people who report issues and help people with data because location data for the entire world is very tricky to collect because the World is a big place you know.

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