How to Record Google Meet on PC, MAC, iPhone, and Android

InternetHow to Record Google Meet on PC, MAC, iPhone, and Android

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Google meet joins the list of best free video calling apps after Google announced earlier this month. Google meet formerly Hangouts Meet is a premium video meeting app that is now free for everyone and became a very good Zoom alternative. Now a mass crowd started using Google Meet for free and the next question is How to record Google meet sessions?

You can use the Record meeting option in Google Meet if you are a G Suite user, or try screen recording apps on your PC or Mobile. let’s see how to do that in the below post in detail.

When you are attending a webinar or if you are a student who would like to record all your Teacher’s online class for future reference or an Employee attending a business meeting or whatever you see on your Google Meet video, which you need for your future reference, you have to record the Google Meet session. We have many answers to that.

How to Record Google Meet?

In this post, I’ve explained all the ways to record Google meet in very simple steps for Both Paid and Free version of Google Meet, Also you might be attending the sessions on your mobile phones, so below are some option to record the sessions on your Android and iPhone too.

Make sure these points before recording:

  • Don’t forget to record the Mic and speaker sounds, you might end up seeing the video without audio.
  • If you are using a screen recorder software, make sure you are selecting the correct window, some time people choose file explorer or some other application by mistake, they’ll realize that only after checking the recorded video.
  • Make sure you are on DND, don’t get those WhatsApp messages or any other notifications poping up on your video.

Recording a Google Meet Session using G-Suite

To record Google Meet and save that to your Google Drive you have to pay and subscribe to G Suite Enterprise Essentials. If you own G Suite Enterprise Essentials, then recoding your meeting is a button click away.

  1. Click on the three dots at the bottom right
  2. You’ll get a list of options, Click on Record meeting
  3. again click on the stop button to stop the meeting.
Recording Google meet

Your recording will be saved to your Google Drive, you can also download that to your PC.

Record Google Meet in Free Version

Now moving to record Google meet on the free version, You don’t have any official way from Google to record any meetings or presentations happening on Google meet for the free users, don’t worry I got your back. I’m going to help you with alternative ways to record your Google meet in very simple steps.

1. On Windows PC

Windows PC has many different options compared to MAC. below are some methods to record the Google Meet meetings.

Using record option in Windows Game Bar

Don’t feel bad if you don’t know about the Game bar in Windows 10, this is specially made for Gamers to record their gaming clips in Windows PC. So, How are we going to use this to record a Presentation in Google Meet?

Google meet recording in Windows
  1. When your Google Meet presentation is running, Press Winkey + G
  2. Now you’ll get a Game bar with many options
  3. Click on the record button

Make sure you have the Mic and speaker recording turned On.

Using Video Recorder software

There are many video recording software out there, you can use them to record the whole screen or part of the Google Meet screen along with Audio. I’ve tried Camstudio and it worked fine for me.

  1. Download and Install Camstudio from the official website.
  2. One the app to see a small window like shown below
  3. Click on the Red button to start recording the video.
  4. Your video recording will be automatically stored in the assigned location.
using camstudio

Don’t forget to turn ON the Mic and speaker recording options. For better and more features use paid video recording tools like movai

2. On MAC

There is another very good screen recording tool you can use on MAC PC to record your meetings and presentations along with Audio and Webcam called Snagit. This is a very good paid application with simple steps to make a brilliant video capturing.

using Snagit
  1. Choose the Region you want to record – A Window or Full Screen or a portion of the video
  2. Turn Webcam option ON if you want to record your Webcam video too.
  3. Turn Microphone ON to record your Audio.
  4. Turn System Audio ON
  5. You are all set and now Click on Capture to start recording your screen
Record using Snagit

Snagit is a premium tool, you can try the 15-day trial to judge this one and buy a premium for a lifetime for an affordable cost. You can also use this tool on your Windows PC.

3. On Android

Looking for ways to record Google Meetings and presentation on Android Mobile phone. You can do an easy recording with audio on Android phones in a few taps if you have a built-in screen recording option.

  1. When your meeting is about to start to click on the Screen recorder button inside the Quick setting bar. Choose to record both the Mic audio and Mobile audio to get recorded.
  2. Click start and record the meeting, once the meeting is done, click on the stop icon and finish recording. The recorded video will be saved inside your Android mobile Gallery.
Record option on Mobile

Below are the some of the Screen Recording Android Apps, if you don’t have built-in screen recording app.

  1. Screen Recorder & Video Recorder
  2. AZ Screen Recorder
  3. Screen Recorder

With these apps, you can record the screen for free with audio, webcam video recording, and in High quality (1080p and 60fps). Once the screen recording is done you can use Android video editing apps to edit and make the video as you want.

4. On iPhone

Every iPhone has a Screen recorder functionality built-in under the Control center, Screen recording on iPhone can be done in a few simple clicks. You can follow the same way to record your Google Meet sessions.

  1. Go to control center just before your Google Meet or Presentation starts and click on the screen recording button
  2. Now choose to turn ON Microphone
  3. Click Start Recording
  4. When your meet is done, Click Stop to end the recording.
Screen Recording on iPhone

If you have lower-end iPhones, below are some of the video editing apps for you from Apple store.

  1. Record it
  2. DU recorder

Use these apps to record your meeting, to get more features just pay and do in-app purchases which will be totally worth the money to capture the screens in a presentable way. After the record use iPhone video editing apps to do all the edit works.

I hope this article helped you to record Google meet, if you find any difficulties, please let me know in the comment section.

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