How to read kindle books on PC? [Windows & MAC]

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Since the inception of unprecedented lockdown, people around the world have been looking for multiple ways to work, read and write at the comfort of home. Similarly, the Kindle lifestyle of readers around the globe could not just be limited within the device.

The Amazon Kindle reading experience has been enhanced by many options, other than just on the Kindle device.

Are you aware that Kindle books can be read on Personal Computer (PC) and many other platforms? If not, the story of Sahana, an ardent bookworm, will guide you through diverse ways available to experience Kindle books.

Kindle has expanded!

During the early days of lockdown,  Sahana developed a craving for romantic fiction novels. She was a big fan of the author, Nora Roberts. The 200th novel of Nora Roberts, The Witness, was in Sahana’s wish list for a very long time. 

The fantabulous reviews of the book on Amazon, Goodreads and many other platforms kindled Sahana’s interests. Out of sheer excitement, she started looking for her Kindle device. After a brief period of time, Sahana realised that she was in her grandmother’s place and left her Kindle device at home. The curfew limited her movement outside.

Though she had a desktop at her grandmother’s home, nobody was there to help her fathom that Kindle could be read on PC too.

Not just that, many other options can be discovered via Kindle for Mac app, Kindle for Android app, Kindle for Samsung app etc. Sometimes excitement restricts people to stop looking for other options.

The route to experience Kindle on PC is here

All Sahana had to do was to know about Amazon’s options to read Kindle books from the comfort of the personal computer.

Sahana could easily download the free Kindle for PC application on Amazon by visiting Amazon Kindle. And choose the device to download.

Kindly for PC

Or she can also visit the amazon kindle PC product page and she can add it to her cart, just like purchasing any other products. Also, both MAC and PC Kindle apps can be downloaded and installed from their respective app stores.

Amazon Kindle for Desktop

Once the installation was done, Sahana had to open the app and sign in to view all the available Kindle books. Then, her need-of-the-hour read, The Witness, landed on her screen after exploring the search bar.

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Do you need to download the Kindle books?

For instance, let us assume that Sahana did not feel the need to download the application on her grandmother’s personal computer. In that case, she would have learned about the Kindle Cloud Reader.

Unlike the Kindle PC application offered by Amazon, the Kindle Cloud Reader doesn’t need to be downloaded and installed. It is a web-based platform that could be accessed directly through a web browser.

Sahana had to visit the website ( to get transported to yet-another Kindle reading experience. After completing the sign-in instructions, it was done.

She had to just double click her desired book and start reading, instead of downloading the book.

There is more to own Kindle books

What if Sahana wanted to download and backup the Kindle books on her PC? In such a case an eBook converter tool was required.

Because Amazon Kindle books are protected by DRM (Digitial Rights Management). Therefore, Sahana gets to only pay and read the book. She cannot own it.

Upon accessing an eBook convertor, she got rid-off DRM from not just Kindle but also other popular reading platforms such as Adobe, Kobo and Nook.

The eBook converter had multiple features that kept Sahana on cloud-nine. It supported up to 24 input formats such as EPUB, HTMLZ, PRC and more.

Further, it made the ebooks available in platforms such as Kindle, Adobe, Kobo and Nook, DRM-free.

The conversion tool turned awesome when eBooks were converted to formats such as MOBI, EPUB, AZW, PDF, KFX or TXT. On top of everything, it also supported the latest version of Windows 10.

Now that you have gone through Sahana’s story. Would you also like to explore the diverse Kindle reading experience?

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