How to Play PUBG with VPN and KR Version

If you are in India, you would have heard about this already but if you haven't, PUBG MOBILE an enormously popular online multiplayer shooting game was one of the 118 apps banned by the Indian government. This popular game has over 734 million downloads and about 50 million players in India. That's a huge chunk gone from your user base. Millions of people are India has no idea what to play now and there's a good chance Call of Duty is going to get some active daily users.

If you don't see PUBG Mobile on PlayStore, you don't have to worry, You Can download PUBG Mobile from a third party site, go to this link. Download the file and start playing. If you still face problems in playing, try the below VPNs. Or you can try these PUBG Alternatives.

Is it legal to use VPN for PUBG

The answer is Yes. Virtual Private Network is an amazing tool that is used by millions of users across the world to safely communicate and transfer files on the internet,It is also used as a workaround to location specific restriction in certain countries or anywhere. 

It is not illegal to use VPN in India. Because of its great benefits, Its very crucial to note that the simple activity of using a VPN is not illegal in India. There are no laws that stops you from using at all. But the most important that you need to realize is its not illegal to use VPN but its still illegal to do illegal stuff in the VPN. So, as long as you are doing good stuff, its all good.

Best 5 VPNS for PUBG

We have the best VPN suggestions for you. These are at the top of their games and they make sure your data is safe and secure in the best private network.

  1. ExpressVPN -- Express VPN network has around 3,000+ VPN servers in 160 locations which are conveniently placed in 94 countries to ensure ultimate speed and bandwidth. ExpressVPN has TrustedServer Technology that let's encrypt your requests and data in a secure way and makes sure your connection and activity logs are not accessible to the public or anyone at all. There is very little chance to get any problems and even if you do, you will get help in seconds from the award-winning customer service 24 x 7. Kill Switch, Split Tunnelling, Widgets, UDP & TCP, etc., are some of the other key features.
  2. SurfShark -- SurfShark has about 1100+ servers placed in 60+ countries around the world which is super-efficient. Surfshark VPN doesn’t slow down your device at all at any cost irrespective of what platform you are using it from. Kill-Switch is one amazing feature that will make sure to disconnect your internet in case if the current VPN connection drops. This is to ensure that you don't access the internet without a VPN network. Stay safe on the move, No logs or tracking, Zero-buffering speeds, Continually evolving, 7-day free trial are some of the extra benefits of SurfShark.
  3. NordVPN -- When you’re connected to NordVPN, there is almost no possible way for someone to find out which sites you access and also the files you would download. Your address is hidden from any server you are trying to access. As simple as that. NordVPN lets you connect 6 different devices from one account. With 5500+ server, the NordVPN network sis super huge and provides double security. Their 24/7 customer support is unmatchable in terms of its reach and service.
  4. CyberGhost -- CyberGhost is a leading worldwide VPN service provider trusted by over 36 million users. CyberGhost has a strong network with over 6000+ high-speed VPN servers located in 90 countries. 256AES Encryption is a military-grade encrypted tunnel which will ensure that your data is safe and secure in the best way possible. Streaming servers will ensure the streaming of game and videos are extremely reliable and seamless.
  5. PureVPN -- PureVPN is a huge network of 2,000+ servers placed in 180+ locations across the world. This works very similarly to some of the service providers mentioned above.

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How to use VPN to play PUBG

These are the steps to use VPN to play PUBG.

  1. Before even jumping into getting a VPN, you need to identify the countries which are conducting game reward activities.
  2. Download a VPN service that would work for you and your budget from the Google Play or App Store.
  3. Register a good service and log in succesfully.
  4. Once that's done, install the app in your device whether its a smartphone or a computer.
  5. Once its successfully installed, select the country of choice through which you want to be tunnelled with.
  6. After that you can log on to PUBG and use it effectively. As long as your VPN service provider is good enough, you could use PUBG without any glitch.

Drawbacks of using VPN

Well, as amazing as they sound, VPNs can be super horrible too. These are some of the drawbacks of using a Virtual Private Network service.

  • There is a good chance that it will slow down your internet speed. To be clear, its not the speed its the extra step or distance that your internet requests go to.
  • There are sites and services which block the VPN usage by tracking your location.
  • Obviously people do illegal stuff. The possibility of doing wrong stuff using VPN is a big problem.
  • Not knowing how strong the encryption provided by your VPN is
  • VPN services can log your data and sell it on the internet.
  • If you are using a Free VPN, you should stop that. Its worse that not using VPN. Free VPNs are not secure or effective. If you are going for a VPN service, its always better to get a paid one or at least one that is effective in its job.

Other Ways to Play PUBG

If you want to play PUBG in your PC, follow these steps.

  1. First step is to download and install Steam for Windows PC.
  2. Once the installation for steam is successful, you could open it and sign into your steam account,. If you don't have a account, its super easy and free to create a new account.
  3. Once you are successfully signed in, Look for Add a game option at the bottom left corner of the screen. There you could actually search or browse for the Game you want. Once you find PUBG, you could add it to the card.
  4. The PUBG game costs about Rs. 999 in India. You could purchase it for yourself or even PUrchase it as a gift so that you could pass it on to somebody else. Once you have chosen, add payment methods, do the purchase and then voila, you have yourself a solid PUBG game which you could in PC.
  5. Enjoy the game.

How to Download and Play KR (Korean) version Pubg Mobile

If you ywould like to try and Play the Korean Version of PUBG, fooll the below steps-

  1. Go to ApkPure and download the app
  2. Install the PUBG Kr version on your Phone
  3. Turn ON any of the VPN given above, choose Korea or any country
  4. Start playing

You could open this file in your computer and install them. If the file works fine in your device, you could play PUBG easily in your device.

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