How to Create Your Own WhatsApp Stickers

InternetHow to Create Your Own WhatsApp Stickers

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WhatsApp Rolled out a new feature called Stickers last month, but with very limited stickers to share with friends and that was quite disappointing, In this post, I’m going to show you how to make your own WhatsApp Stickers and how to share them with your WhatsApp contacts.

How to Create your own stickers in WhatsApp

Making Stickers in WhatsApp is easy and very few steps away, Just Download Sticker Studio from Google Play Store and follow the steps given below.

Install Sticker Studio

  1.  After Installing Sticker Studio, Open and press the + button at the bottom right corner, you either take a shoot or open your gallery and pick a photo that you want to change into a WhatsApp sticker.
  2. Now Cut the sticker out of the photo.
  3. Now save that Sticker, by clicking Save or Press retry if you want to make your sticker look better.
  4. This Sticker will get saved into the Stickers folder. I named it as Friends, as I’m going to make all my friends into WhatsApp stickers. Add 2 more Stickers ( Totally 3 Stickers) only then you can take this group into your WhatsApp.
  5. Now click on the WhatsApp icon at the Top, and you’ll get a Pop-up asking, “Would you like to add Friends (group name) to WhatsApp”, click Add and that’s it.
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  6. Now you can see the Stickers you’ve created under the Stickers section in your WhatsApp. 
  7. Just click on the stickers and send them to everyone.

Send Stickers in WhatsApp This is the easiest way so far to create WhatsApp Stickers. Just let me know in comments if you are facing any issues.


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