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Looking for ways to make money on YouTube? you are in the right place – Youtube is a well-known and trending social media platform used by people to earn fame, respect, and a following. People use it for different domains who have worked hard and are now self-made celebrities. Youtube has gained a large following and is used in various areas such as entertainment, teaching, reviewing, and so on. Youtube was launched in 2005 in California, and today there are approximately five billion videos that are being uploaded and streamed every day. It has become an enormous platform to gain recognition and to give your career a boost.

How To Make Money On Youtube

How someone Normally earns through YouTube?

Ads (Advertisements)

There are many ways to earn money using Youtube, the default way and good earning way is to show Google Ads. You would have seen an ad running even before the video starts, some times a rectangle pop-up ad in between the video, yes those are ads and the channel owners earn money for showing those ads in between their video.


A user is not paid merely for uploading videos. For a user to get paid, he must monetize his videos by going to Youtube’s account section. The videos are not made monetized by default. There is then an option given for you to join the Youtube Partners Program. 

How to Start Showing Advertisements on your YouTube Channel?

Now you created a channel and you want to start making money out it.

Hold on!!! Read the YouTube policy first!

You should reach a milestone to start monetizing your Ads,

  1. Your channel should reach 1000 subscribers
  2. We should have obtained 4000 watch hour in 1 year.

Congrats if you have crossed the above 2 milestones, else please complete the milestone, and follow the below steps-

  • The first step is to monetize your Youtube account  
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of the Partner Program 
  • Either create a new account or connect yourself with AdSense 
  • This account is necessary for you to get paid.  
  • Set your monetization preferences by hitting the settings section 

Tips: Get More Views On YouTube By Following 8 Power Steps

The total estimate of the revenue you earn can be calculated by visiting the Analytics tab on the left side of the dashboard. There are charts given to analyze your predicted income every month. 

It is recommended to surf beyond advertising to get paid on Youtube as there are a number of violations that might cut down on the revenue to might earn after a month.

How much money you will get for a video view?

The question of how to make money on Youtube by uploading videos is dependent on the number of subscribers the channel has and also its views. The more the content creator is capable of engaging an audience, the more he will earn. 

There is no such thing like These many views = these many $$$

When a viewer clicks on the video that you monetized, you will get a revenue share for how much an advertiser paid for per click for that video. Some advertisers pay $0.2 and some bid $5 so you may get a number but not a constant revenue number per click.

Here are some tips that you must keep in mind 

  • The location of the viewers is of high importance. 
  • The overall watch time must be observed 
  • The age group also matters. 

How to make money on Youtube by selling products?

Selling merchandise such as t-shirts, mugs, bags, and so on is a good source of revenue. Youtube helps in growing your brand and bringing it online for a more massive crowd. This means an increase in the number of customers and sales and hence more significant revenue. The critical part of selling products online via a social media platform like Youtube is how well you are capable of marketing your products to the interested crowd. You must always have an account of your performance and keep in mind what improvements must be made to gain more revenue. 

You must be able to 

  • Drive-in traffic towards your store 
  • Gain your customers’ trust regularly. 

How to make money on Youtube through sponsored content?

There are various advantages by earning through the content you sponsor for in your videos. This means that you are not obliged to partition your earnings to Youtube as in this scenario, you are dealing with the brand directly. How to make money on Youtube through this is that you get your share directly through the sponsor company directly into your bank account.  

The following steps must be followed 

  1. Find a brand who are willing to partner with you 
  2. Sign an agreement 
  3. Be transparent about the sponsorship they are providing

Make money on Youtube using the aid provided by your fans? 

Youtube has an exciting group of members called “channel members.” These are a group of people willing to pay for watching your content on either a monthly or a yearly basis. 

You must be able to gain your viewers’ trust to be able to achieve success.  

Follow these steps: 

  1.  Host live chats that will help people communicate with you and ask you different queries 
  2. You must encourage and make sure those viewers are willing to become channel members for viewing your content 
  3. And then, you must be able to influence your fans to become Youtube Premium Partners. 

licensing your content to the media will also yield you some $

As a content creator, it is a massive advantage for you to link yourself with the media and gain access to more revenue incomes through this strategy.  

As the media has to pay for whatever content they use, this is the strategy that will help you gain a few extra dollars. 

 For this, 

  1. Always keep our contact details up-to-date on your Youtube Page so that they can contact you regarding any collaborations and business queries. 
  2. Sign yourself up to a marketplace for video rights for the videos you upload. 

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How to make money on Youtube with the help of crowdfunding ?

Crowdfunding is an excellent opportunity on how to make money on Youtube. For this, you must accept donations online. Youtube provides a list of verified crowdfunding websites that will aid you to crowdsource your content. 

Follow these steps: 

  1. Create an account on any of the verified websites such as or 
  2. Include the campaign strategy that you are willing to adopt in the videos you make and include the perks you are ready to offer and useful information that will attract your audience. 
  3. Make sure you go beyond Youtube to make your campaign a huge success. 

It is not easy for an individual to become very successful on Youtube in a short period. Still, it is definitely worth the wait as one does earn not only money but also recognition for his work. It is a great way to expand your business parameters and meet up with new standards and goals. Youtube has helped millions, and it is a great opportunity and platform for youngsters to get started with what they’re good at and what to get started with a career in that field. Content creators must provide quality content, and they must always be innovative, creative, and be good at how well he is capable of marketing his product online. Youtube is thereby profitable, and all that is required is patience to make money on Youtube. 

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