How to Locate Users Near You on Telegram 2022

InternetHow to Locate Users Near You on Telegram 2022

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You can Locate Users nearby on your Telegram App with a small Tweak. This works only if you give location access to your Telegram app which is kind of self-explanatory. I have shared my personal experience on this one. I sent a message to my neighbor using this feature. We say Hi, Bye in the hallway but we never shared contact details. I found him via Telegram and sent him a Hi and he was surprised to see a feature like this in Telegram. We had a laugh over this the next day. Follow the steps to use this feature.

Steps to Locate Telegram users nearby

  1. Open Telegram. Go to the Contacts tab.
  2. Tap on Find People Nearby. Telegram then looks for people nearby who are using the Telegram app.

  3. As you can see, it has found me about 100 people who live in the vicinity of my location and even tells me how far they are. If you found the person you are looking for, tap on the name. You could also make yourself visible for others to find.

  4. Telegram will show you details like name and profile picture but no contact number. This is to protect the privacy of that person. You could also report them if you want in case of any inappropriate behavior towards you.

  5. You could message or call them using the option you see there. If the person chooses to respond to you, then you will see their contact details. If they choose to not respond or block, then their privacy is protected which is amazing.

but, beware of people you are texting nearby on Telegram. Some might spam or try to hack your account.


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