How to Host on Twitch using PC and Mobile

GamesHow to Host on Twitch using PC and Mobile

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Twitch is the leading platform for live-streaming. It gives you the option to chat with thousands of fans around the globe. Hosting on Twitch is a process by which the viewers of your channel are allowed to watch another channel without leaving your channel’s chat room. It is the best way to share your content with your friends and increase its promotion, which helps you to keep in touch with your community even when you are offline.

How to Host Twitch

Host to Twitch on a desktop 

Time needed: 2 minutes

3 Steps to quickly Host Twitch

  1. Login via your web browser 

    Log in to your Twitch account using on a Windows or Mac computer. If you don’t have an account, click on sign-up in the top right corner to create your account. You need to log in to get access to the features of Twitch. 

  2. Select the channel where you want to host

    There is a column in the top right corner of the Twitch website. It will show a drop-down menu. From this drop-down menu, you have to choose a channel with the chatroom on the top right side. 

  3. In the chat, type “/host” followed by the name of the channel 

    As an example, type “/host Twitch” in your chat to host the main Twitch channel. Now, those who are viewing your channel will see the channel you are hosting. All the views on the channel will count along with the channel you are hosting, while your chatroom is active on your account. You can enjoy this collaboration for as long as you want, and simply un-host once you are done. 

Hosting on Twitch

Confused about how to host on your Twitch channel? There are different methods to host on your channel on Twitch. Below are a few methods that you can check out!

Twitch App:

You can start hosting by activating the Android or the iOS Twitch App. Once that is done, you must go to the channel where you want to host and click on the gear icon. You can start hosting by clicking the host option in the drop-down menu.

Hosting in a chat:

One of the easiest ways to host is on a channel chat of someone else. The hostel channels can be changed several times in a short duration. To stop hosting, you need to type “un-host.”


The most common and popular method to host a channel on Twitch is auto-hosting it. All you have to do is add the channels that you want to host to a particular list. The auto-host function of Twitch will select the channels randomly. If required, you can customize the order as well. 

Uses of the host mode

There are several uses of the host mode in Twitch. Do not worry, but the chat room will not change while hosting. It’s a perfect way to garner more viewers and connect with more game-lovers worldwide. 

  1. The Twitch host mode can be used for conducting gaming conferences and reviewing the new games in the market.
  2. You can also host live music and art events. 
  3. Various broadcasters can be hosted on Twitch for networking. 
  4. Twitch can also be used to host your friends or team members. 
  5. Twitch can also be used to host esports tournaments.

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Thus, Twitch is an amazing way to get more exposure and convince others to host you on their channels. Hosting on Twitch helps you to keep the community together and make it stronger even when you are offline. It forms a new aspect of networking by supporting other broadcasters and growing new relationships with them. By this, you can promote your content in the audience. You can watch your favorite events and broadcasters with your friends on your channel. It will give you more exposure while moving from the live channels section to the live hosts’ section.

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