How to Hide YouTube Subscriber Count on PC, iPhone, and Android

InternetHow to Hide YouTube Subscriber Count on PC, iPhone, and Android

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If you are looking for ways to hide your YouTube channel subscribers count below are the quick and easy steps you can follow on your PC, iPhone, and Android.

Now, that I have recently started making youtube videos, I understand the need to actually hide YouTube subscribers count. People make the decision to subscribe to a new channel based on three major things. The first one is the quality of the video, the second is the number of views in the video and the third thing is the number of subscribers the channel already has. So, if someone chooses to not subscribe based on your subscriber count, who not take that information from the eyes of the viewer.

You could hide your YouTube subscriber count by making some modifications to the Privacy settings in YouTube using PC or phone in very simple steps.

How to Hide YouTube subscriber count from PC

  1. Open Youtube Studio from your browser by going on to

  2. Once you are on the Youtube Studio page, on the side tab, Please choose Settings from the sidebar. This is to access the settings that are relevant to your channel.

  3. In the Settings Popup that appears, Choose Channel on the left sidebar under General. There will be three sections under Channel settings called Basic Info, Advanced settings, Feature Eligibility. The settings we need to select are Advanced Settings.

  4. Under Subscriber count, you will see that the option called Display the number of people subscribed to my channel will be enabled by default for all channels.

  5. So, to hide your subscriber’s count, you would need to uncheck that option and then click on Save at the bottom right corner of the popup.

Once its done, your settings will be updated and then nobody other than you could see the subscribers count on your channel.

Please be aware that the this could also be done using your mobile browser. Login via in Google Chrome or Safari and follow along the same steps and you will be able to hide the subscriber count from the mobile itself. Let’s see how we can do that.

How to Hide YouTube subscriber count from iPhone and Android

Not everybody has the luxury of having a personal computer and can make these changes. So, these studio level changes are not available in the Youtube Studio app. The Studio app is mainly focused on giving Youtube channel Analytics on the go and doesn’t give much control over the settings. So, let’s see how we can hide the subscribe count using a mobile device.

For the purposes of this tutorial, I’m using Google Chrome browser so it really doesn’t matter which smartphone you use as long as the browser has an option to view the Desktop version of the site you are going to.

  1. First things first, go to youtube or on Google Chrome or your preferred Browser on your smartphone. I’d suggest Google Chrome all the time.

  2. Once you are on the site, the first thing you have to do is to make sure you are logged in with the channel email address. If you have never opened youtube in Google Chrome before, it would be in a guest profile state where no users are logged in. As you can see in the image above, no users are logged in. Tap on the empty avatar profile icon.
  3. Select Sign-in from the dialog box that appears. Enter your login details for the Gmail account that is connected to the youtube account to which you are going to hide the subscriber count.

  4. Once you have successfully logged in with your Gmail/Youtube account, you would see the profile icon like this in the screenshot below. Once you are there, the next step is to tap on the profile icon again. This would show a list of options similar to what you would see on a PC.

  5. In the list of options that appears, choose Youtube Studio which is normally the 3rd option.

  6. Now you will be taken to the Youtube studio desktop version which would be super teeny tiny like you see here. Now, tap on the settings icon at the bottom left corner of the Youtube studio page.

  7. You will see a popup like this. In the popup choose Channel from the sidebar list of options.

  8. Under Channel Settings, Choose on the Advanced Settings Tab. You will see that there are three tabs namely Basic Info, Advanced Settings, and Feature Eligibility.

  9. Under the Advanced Settings, scroll down to see the Subscriber Count section. Under that section, the option Display the number of people subscribed to my channel will be turned ON by default. We need to disable that option. This will hide your subscriber count from anyone.

  10. Once you have unchecked that feature, Tap on Save at the bottom right corner of the screen. Your settings will be updated and nobody else can actually see the number of subscribers you have.

Ready to Hide your Subscriber count?

These are the two ways you could hide your subscriber count from your followers or anyone who is new to your channel. I hope that was useful. Cheers!

The reasons why YouTubers hide their subscriber count

Youtube has become a cultural sensation in the last decade opening up a way for millions of people in the world to express their views and creativity to a larger audience with minimum effort possible. The Internet made it possible for this to happen which is unprecedented in the entirety of human industry. I’m not saying its this magical thing that is perfect. Obviously it has its flaws in terms of censorship and other issues but we have to admit the fact it has been game changing in the content creation world.

Now, over the years Youtube has made several improvements to bring out content to viewers which they might be interested in based on their old interests.

But in terms of how people subscribe to any channel, there’s always this bias. Let’s talk about YouTubers hide their subscribers count. Below are some of the reasons You or any of the YouTubers are searching for help to hide the YouTube Subscriber count on Phone and PC.

Subscription decision

So, whenever somebody finds a new youtuber by watching one of their videos, People tend to decide to subscribe to that youtuber based on the views and subscriber count. Youtube thinks its a good idea for someone to make subscription decision based solely on the quality of the video and whether its enticing to the viewer.

Recognition bias

A lot of youtubers don’t get the recognition for the effort they put into their early videos solely because they are new in creating videos. I personally am biased about this. As a youtuber I would want every Youtuber to actually put in the effort in the early days of the channel.


A lot of people are saying that youtubers hide their subscriber count because of insecurities or low subscriber count, but the only argument I see that would be against this is that its not fair for the youtubers who have grown their channels slowly and patiently in the past.

In Conclusion, at the end of the day, the viewers have to be enticed by the quality of the video you post. That’s the only way they are going to respond to you positively. I’d say irrespective of whether you show or hide your subscriber count, focus on making extremely good videos that will impact people positively. That’s all that matters. If the videos resonate with people, they will respond to them. You don’t have to go for tricks to get them closer to you by hiding your subscriber count at all.

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