Before iOS 15, there weren’t many options to hide apps in your iOS device other than to create folders and keep them away from eyesight. Since iOS doesn’t have a dedicated App Drawer & Home screen like Android, the combined view makes it harder to intentionally hide the apps that you have installed by choice. Now you can learn How to Hide Apps on Your iPhone by reading this article.

Luckily, iOS 15 has added features alongside a sleuth of new options for the App Home page. One of them is the ability to hide App pages that you swipe left through. An average smartphone user installed about 108 apps on his/her phone. This is a lot considering that we use a maximum of 10 apps every day. The rest of them sits there mainly for occasional use once in a blue moon.

This could easily make your home screen cluttered. So, this feature added in iOS15 can help you declutter and hide way less used apps.

How to Hide App Pages on Your iPhone iOS Home Screen?

  1. Press and Hold on the empty area on your iPhone home screen. This will would what Apple Senior VP Craig Federighi calls the “Jiggle Mode”.
  2. You will recognize the Jiggle once you see it. The apps start moving in its place and there will be a – icon at the top left corner of all icons.

  3. Tap the app page dot icons below the app icons above the dock at the bottom of the screen above the dock icons (Phone, Google, Camera & Settings in my case).

  4. This will open the Edit Pages section. This will show all the application pages on the screen.

  5. Below each page, there is a tick icon that lets you know that they are visible on the home screen.
  6. Enable/Disable the pages which you’d want to hide/show. Before making these changes, you could move all the apps that you’d like to hide into a single app page so that you could hide them altogether.
  7. So, to do that you could add the apps to a single screen like below.
  8. Once you have hidden the app pages, Tap on Done at the top right corner of the screen.

These changes are obviously reversible. You could follow same steps to stop them from being hidden and Enable instead of disabling it.

But in case if you want to delete the app permanently instead of hiding it, read below.

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How to Delete Apps on Your iPhone iOS 15

  1. Look for the app/apps you would like to delete from your iPhone.
  2. Press and Hold on the apps until the contextual menu appears.

  3. Choose Remove App.
  4. In the confirmation popup appears, choose Delete. Please make a note about the disclaimer that comes alongside which that the app data will be deleted but any user data like login which is stored in the iCloud user data.

  5. If you are planning to delete multiple apps, Jiggle Mode is the best way to do it.
  6. Press and hold on the blank area on the screen.
  7. Tap on the icon at the top left corner of the apps you would want to delete.

  8. Confirm each delete popup by choosing the Delete option. Please make a note about the disclaimer that comes alongside which that the app data will be deleted but any user data like login which is stored in the iCloud user data.

One thing you need to remember is that even if you delete the apps, the user data for that app has been backed up and so if you choose to install the app in the future, the user data gets restored automatically into the app when you install it again.

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