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How to hide a folder using cmd in Windows

Hide or Unhide a Folder in Windows:

Here is an awesome computer trick to hide or unhide your secret  files or folders using cmd (command prompt) in windows xp, 7, 8. You can keep your files more safer and secure, where your friends or family members can't access your personal files. The interesting thing in this method of file protection is, files can't be found through search or even by using " Show Hidden folders."

If you want to hide a folder see the steps :

Here I'm gonna hide a folder named waftr in the D drive.

Step 1: Open CMD (command prompt) by pressing (Winkey + R) and type cmd.

Step 2:
Type "attrib +s +h D:/waftr " ( Give you folder location instead "D:/waftr" )

How to hide or unhide a folder using cmd in Windows
 Step 3 : Check the folder  

To Unhide a folder gives " attrib -s -h D: /waftr "


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