How to Hack Clash of Clans in 2021 (100% Working)

InternetHow to Hack Clash of Clans in 2021 (100% Working)

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Clash of Clans is one of the most popular games played all around the world today. If you’re like most gamers, you might be desperately hoping to find cheats and hacks that will help benefit you in the game. You’re lucky because we’ve narrowed down a few notches, exploits, tricks, and authentic tips that will serve you in the long run. The most prominent component of Clash of clans revolves around obtaining tricky cash without having to pay a lot of money using the best Hacking apps and hacking websites around in 2020. We’ve thus found the perfect solution as to how to hack clash of clans. 

Clash of Clans Hack

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional gamer, this guide will help you improve your tactics and skills of playing Clash of clans. So here is your chance at learning thoroughly about how to hack clash of clans. Before you go down, you can check our list of games like Clash of Clans.

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How to Hack clash of clans in 2020 (Updated)

A game like clash of clans requires a lot of patience. A great way to progress in this game is to earn exclusive cash. A plethora of applications and key-generators are available online for you to crack cheats of clash of clans. Nonetheless, not all these cheats work. You can moreover even end up losing already earned gems and cash. It is thus best to steer free to avoid becoming a victim of scammed codes or malware. Most of the online programs require you to fill out surveys and guarantee to provide you with free gems. However, they either turn out to be scams. Besides, your account has a high chance of getting deleted if detected while hacking cheats.

Although in the clash of clans, it can be saddening to delay your victory, your hard work will reward you in the end.

How to Hack clash of clans on the iPhone:

Topstore is a platform just like AppStore, one can download hacked and modified applications on any Apple device. To install the hack of Clash of Clans, all you have to do is follow the given steps. 

Clash of clans topstore
  1. Go to Safari and search for download TopStore. Download it.
  2. Open settings and allow your iOS device to download.
  3. Search for Clash of Clans hack on TopStore and download it.
  4. Install the app after which the hacked application will be ready for use.

Hack Clash of Clans on Android:

Android users can make use of the Mod Apk to hack clash of clans. 


You can find the COC Mod Apk here in clashmod website.

  1. Get COCMod and install in your Android Phone
  2. Open the app and try to play like usual
  3. You’ll get the count on the Gold, Gem, and elixir increasing.

Method to Hack and get free gems in Clash of clans

The Gem Mine is a structure that you have to unlock in the Builder’s Base by enhancing your Builder Hall to the third level. You can receive a minimum of two gems per day without even having to pay money. You can improve the gem production-rate by enhancing the COC Mine regularly.

Gems are something most of us are looking for while playing clash of clans. Gaining extra gems won’t do you any harm. These below steps can help you achieve free gems with ease- 

  • Try emptying your village- eliminate accessories like trees and stones from your field to keep receiving gems.
  • Clear the achievements- Gain achievements like Gold grab, wall buster, sweet victory, etc. are few of the best ways to receive free gems.
  • Make use of the gem generator to receive unlimited gems free of cost.

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Some tips to boost your gaming skills-

Clash of clans revolves around smart management of resources and proper planning of how and when to spend your most precious assets. The four different currencies included in the game are gold, dark elixir, gems, and elixir. Here are a few of the reliable tips to make your gaming experience a worthwhile one.

  • Upgrade your mines regularly- Along with looting your neighboring villages, one of the most prominent and easy ways to keep receiving resources is to enhance them. Completely upgraded resources not only produce a fair amount of profits but also work more efficiently.
  • Play on single-player mode- The Single-player mode allows you to make use of the horde while striking different villages. This method is one of the smartest techniques to gain currency provided you don’t drop several warriors altogether.
  • Enter a clan: Clans grant access to troops distributed by different clan members. You can thus donate troops and obtain experience points.
  • Try protecting the elixirs from attacks- You can easily safeguard your elixirs even if someone loots your village and steals all your resources. Try lining your troops beside the barracks and you’re good to go. 
  • Make use of walls as a defense mechanism- Building a plethora of walls is a great way to safeguard your village and the troops. Upgrade your walls made of wood regularly to have a maximal chance at dodging losing your elixirs and other resources during attacks.

Follow the above steps deliberately to understand how to hack clash of clans. Try staying active regularly to dodge situations of time out and attacks. It is best to do proper research before trusting random hacks online to avoid the deletion of your account.

Disclaimer: We got these COC hacking solutions from the respective mentioned websites, Waftr does not encourage other than Ethical Hacking.

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