How to find out who unfollowed you on Instagram

InternetHow to find out who unfollowed you on Instagram

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In today’s world where Followers count matters a lot, there isn’t a greater feeling that looking at your follower count increase slowly. Have you ever had that feeling where you wake up and realize that followers count had taken a dip from the last time you checked it? I have and let me tell you it doesn’t feel good at all. It shouldn’t be a thing to worry about but it definitely is.

Instagram has been helping its users to have a meaningful relationship with their followers like giving in new features like stronger relationship, least interacted with, most interacted with etc., One feawture that is clearly missing from Instagram is the ability to figure out who has actually unfollowed you. I can assume that Instagram doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. The only way to figure out directly who unfollowed you is to make a guess as to who it is and then go to their profile and see that button says Follow instead of Following. Its a tedious process if you can’t manage to guess who it was.

How to find out who unfollowed you on Instagram

Eventhough there aren’t any tools to directly figure out who unfollowed you, there are third party tools which does the trick. It seems like we’l have to rely on third party tools until Instagram manages to bring this feature on its own.

Here is the list of all the tools available to figure out who unfollowed you on Instagram.


Reports+ is a great tool that lets you track your Instagram followers and also lets you figure out who unfollowed you on Instagram and who is not following you back. There are also features like how has blocked you, who are your fans, rank your friends etc.,

This app is technically not free but it has subscription plans that are super cheap and can be easily afforded.

The subscription plans are as follows.

  • 1 week subscription price is $2.99.
  • 1 month subscription price is $3.99.
  • 6 Months Subscription price is $17.99.
  • 1 year price is $23,99.

The App is available both for Android and iOS operating systems. Follow the steps to figure out how to find who unfollowed you on Instagram.

  1. Download the app from the respective Play or App store into your smartphone. Once the app is installed, you will have to login with your instagram credentials after opening the app.
  2. Once its suceesfull all you have to do is to refresh the content of the app to refresh it and you will see all the information requred.
  3. Go to Followers Gained tab to see the new followed whom you have gained recently and also if you want to see whom you have lost you could go to the Followers lost tab.
  4. Another feature is the ability to check the Followers I Don’t Follow Back tab and the Followers Not Following Me Back tab to check who hasn’t followed you back or whom you haven’t followed back in Instagram app.

App Link : Android / iOS

Follow Meter

Follower Meter is not just a tool to see who unfollowed you on Instagram but holds a special load of features that lets you have deep insight into your Instagram account. You could see your follower growth, story analytics, post performance etc.,

Please be aware that not all of the features mentioned below are available for free for all users. Some require a plus subscription to make sure you could use that.


  • Track unfollowers (option that lets you figured out who unfollowed you recently by getting notifications.)
  • Option to figure out which one of the user you are following is not following you back.
  • A inside look into the users who see your stories the most.
  • See who interact with your stories but don’t follow you.
  • Top likers, secret admirers etc.,
  • People who blocked your account.
  • Engagement analytics and visualizations using Activity Meter.

The App is said to have more than 3 million users around the world which stands to testify how much this app is effective in terms of how it works. I’d highly recommend Follow Meter to figure out who has unfollowed you recently.

The subscription plans are as follows.

  • PLUS Monthly – $4.99 for 1 Month which renews monthly automatically.
  • PLUS 6 Months – $17.99 for 6 Months which renews every 6 months automatically.
  • PLUS Yearly – $24.99 for 1 Year which renews every year automatically.

Follow the steps below to figure out how to find who unfollowed you on Instagram.

  1. Download the app from the respective Play or App store into your smartphone. Once the app is installed, authenticate the app by providing the Instagram credentials that are required to be successful.
  2. Once its done, tap on Track unfollowers option from the list you see. You will see the usernames in the list of how recently they have unfollowed you and you could take actions accordingly.
  3. One another great feature is the ability to see the profile pictures of users up close by zooming into them. This is a well known feature that a lot of people across the world use.
  4. Other features like Media Insights, Track Blockers, Top commenters, Ghost Followers can also be used to get deep understanding of how your Instagram profile is performing. 

App Link : Android / iOS



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