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Losing Remote is a tale of a thousand generations. There has always been a fight for remote in our households as to who wants to watch what. I have so many memories that ended up in a big fight with my sister.

We’ve all had instances where we have lost sight of our remote and have searched the house angrily so many times. Even with digital TV services, we can often find ourselves in the same position. Since the TV remote hasn’t evolved to be able to be tracked, I still find myself looking under the bed and pillows looking for the Fire Stick Remote in my bedroom.

Ways to Find a Fire Stick Remote that you lost it

Amazon Fire TV is my personal favorite. I was looking to get myself an Apple TV and finally settled to get a Fire Stick because of its price point and I’m so happy that I made the right choice.

  1. If you lose your remote, you just search for them near the usual place where you keep the remote.
  2. Sometimes when you are in a phone call, you’d have taken your remote along with your phone to some other room, and meanwhile, you’d have placed the remote on the other room.

Alternative ways to Fire Stick Remote

Recently I had instances where I had to use alternative options to control the TV when I couldn’t find the remote. I had a thought to write this article down to maybe help someone who is in the same position.

Since it’s connected to the Wifi, it’s easier to actually track the remote and find it if necessary. But the device is not equipped to give its own location which is a problem

Here are a couple of things you could actually do to control the FireStick without a remote (ideally when it’s lost)

1. Use the Fire TV app

You could use the Fire TV app using the smartphone to actually control the Fire Stick using the Fire TV app. Download the app from the Play Store or App Store based on what device you use and install it successfully. After you open the app, you could set up the Firestick device by connecting to the same Network (your wifi) and let the app search for the Fire Stick device and connect to it.

Once it’s connected you would find the Device name at the bottom as you can see in the screenshot below. The app actually allows you to connect to more than one device at a time. I can assure you Amazon is smart in building its products.

Tapping on that would open up the remote control view where you can actually see the same control you would have on a physical remote. Use the controls to control the TV. This works seamlessly like the physical remote. The only hassle is that you have to unlock your phone and open the app to control it every single time. It can get annoying at times I’m not going to lie.

2. Connect an ADB

This is another way to actually solve the issue. This is not so practical in terms of how many people can actually use this feature. Your device needs to be enabled with ADB for this to work. Connect your Fire Stick remote to the ADB device. You need to know some commands to make sure this works just fine. Each command translates to an action that you would do using a remote in the FireStick. I have to come clean and say that it’s so difficult to use this on a daily basis. But it’s something and it’s most definitely better than nothing and no remote and no entertainment in your own house.

3. Use Another remote

So, it’s not like one remote is assigned to a fire stick. Every remote can be used with any fire stick. All it requires is to actually pair the remote with the Firestick. You can go to Settings->Remote applications and pair a device easily.

You can remove the remote devices anytime you want. So, if you have an old Fire Stick remote lying around, you can easily pair it up with your Fire Stick. it’s that easy to actually pair up your FireStick to that old remote.

Even if a remote is not Fire TV lying around, sometimes, it can work fine if your TV supports it. These days TVs are built with CEC systems which is part of the HDMI where one remote can work simultaneously for two different remotes at the same time.

4. One good way to avoid losing a remote

Put a tracker on it. Simple. It can be a little expensive but it will be worth it. Get a tracker card and stick it to the bottom of the Fire Stick remote. Since the Firestick remote doesn’t have an infrastructure to handle tracking and all, this is a way to get rid of the hassle called Losing Remote.

This is the concept. Obviously, you can tie this around the remote like a keychain. Find a solution that can be stuck to the back of your Fire Stick Remote and it would work just fine and you can stop worrying about losing your remote once for all.

How Fire Stick Remote works?

Unlike the old TV remotes, the smart TV remotes work using a WiFi connection even though the remotes look very similar to the OLD TV remotes that we bang against the wall to make it work. Also, You don’t have to point the new remotes towards the TV to make it work. You can point it anywhere and it would work just fine since it’s not the infrared connection. The OLD remote control converts the function of a keypress into infrared light signals which are received by the tv and understood.

There are many options available for you to find a lost Fire Stick remote. You could select one that works for your budget and you can check them in your local Amazon store.

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