How to Find Indian Products, Apps, and Games online?

InternetHow to Find Indian Products, Apps, and Games online?

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Remember the Remove China app trending a week back in India, which was removed after a week as it violates the privacy policy of Google Play store. But, Now an App Called “Made in India” is getting heated up and trending now in India.

Made in India trending

Using this app you can find the list of Households, Food products, Apps, and Games made by Indians from more than 150 Companies.

How to find Indian Products using Made in India App?

Currently Made in India app is available only for Android users, developers announced they are working on the iOS too. Below are the steps for the Android users to Install and use Made in India App.

  1. Go to Play store and search for “Made in India” and click on the one with India icon or follow this link.
  2. Install the app which is about 20 MB.
  3. Open the App to see List of Indian Products with different categories like Personal care, Beauty & Grooming, Baby care, Household, Home appliances, clothing and more.
  4. From the bottom drawer, you can pick, Foods, Apps and Games to see the Indian made products.
  5. Click any of the products to see the availibility of the app on Flipkart and Amazon.
How to buy Indian products

The company also mentioned that they are going to replace Jiomart with Flipkart and Amazon as JioMart is an emerging Indian eCommerce platform.

More about the App

  • Go to setting at the bottom right and click on the Dark theme option to enable Dark Mode on the app.
  • Clicking on a product will give you the About company button, clicking on which will show you the information about the company.
  • You can suggest adding new products by going to the settings and click on Feedbacks.


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