4 ways to Find a Lost Android Phone [Updated for 2022]

Android4 ways to Find a Lost Android Phone

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Lost your Android phone? Searching for ways to find it? Want to Find where your Phone is? This post will help you.

  1. Don’t panic and just relax
  2. Recall where you saw your phone lastly
  3. Try giving a call to your phone from someone’s mobile nearby. (Don’t hesitate to ask for help).
  4. If your mobile s switched off and you know where you left your phone (Hotel, Restaurant, Theatre), just try calling that place by getting someone’s phone and google the place to find the phone number.
  5. If any of these didn’t work please follow the steps below.

A quick way to find your Android Phone:

  1. Login to Google.com with the same Google account your mobile has.
  2. go to google.com/android/find or Type and enter “Find my phone” in Google search.
  3. If you see your mobile phone like the image below, Navigate to that location and click on Ring option. This will make your phone ring so that you can find the phone with the sound.
Find my phone in Google

We carry a small world in our pockets these days, and it is called our “cellphone”. It has our special memories, our personal and professional emails, our social media access, e-wallets, and all our streamings. We all are not just dependent on our phones for our day-to-day operations but also emotionally attached to it. Our whole world resides in our phones and we just can’t afford this world to end. The simple thought of losing the phone is scary, isn’t it? So what to do in such a case of emergency? Going to the police station and filing FIR is a tough task. We need to wait for the approval of the police which takes time.

Find lost android phone

How to Track a Lost Android Phone in 2022

While there are different techniques to track an Android phone, there are several free-of-cost DIY ways to find a lost android phone in 2022. In this article, we will specifically cover some easy ways to find a lost android phone.

1. Find Your Phone Using Google Search

The simplest way of finding your device is by searching  “find my device” into. Keep in mind that your phone needs to be connected with the google account and you have to log in to Google and go to google.com/android/find or search “Find my phone”, after that, Google will show you the location of your device.

  1. Borrow a Mobile from someone nearby
  2. Open the browser (For safety concern open the browser in incognito mode)
  3. and Google search “Find my phone” or “Find my device”
  4. You’ll see a screen like below

    mobile location
  5. Login to your Google account now
  6. You’ll see your device location if the Internet and GPS are ON.
Google Find my device

If you manage to see the location of your device, you have 3 options to do.
Play sound – You can click on Ring icon to make your Android phone sound for 5 minutes in high volume, even in silent mode.
Secure mode – Clicking secure device will lock your device and sign out of your Google account. Once it is locked nobody can access your phone.
Erase Device – This should be your final option, clicking on the Erase device will totally erase all the data in your phone, all your contacts, photos, Apps, totally everything.

Find my device Android App

You can also use Find my device Android App. This location will be accurate unless the stealer turns off your mobile GPS or gives a fake GPS location by accessing your phone.

But it has some limitations. It works only when you are logged into your Google account and have access to the Internet.

How to Find your Phone when No Internet and GPS is ON?

The above method will only work if you have an internet and GPS connection and in some cases based on the tower location you’ll get the device location, but what if you don’t have access to your phone and your phone is switched off or getting no response? follow these steps below.

1. Find Mobile using Google TimeLine

If you are too late to know about Google searching “Find my device”, then you can make use of the Timeline feature in Google maps. If your phone got stolen and the guy who snatched your phone traveled to places with the Internet and GPS ON this will show all the places your phone traveled, with these clues you have some percentage chance of finding your phone.

Google Timeline
  1. Sign-in to Google Maps, using the Google account used in your mobile.
  2. Click on the menu at the top left corner and click on “Your Timeline”.
  3. Now click on the day when your android got stolen, and you’ll be able to see the location history of your lost phone if it had internet connectivity and GPS ON. You’ll manage to see your location if the phone is connected with the internet at the moment. It is impossible to find your device if it has no internet connection.

2. File the Police compliant with IMEI number

If the above step didn’t work, go to the nearby police station and file a complaint with your Android mobiles IMEI number and your mobile phone number. Police will forward this case to Cybercrime and they will track your mobile phone using the IMEI number and with Sim card last shown tower location, also when your phone gets turned ON again, even though you haven’t turned Internet and GPS ON, based on the tower location police can find your phone quickly.

How to Find IMEI number?
– Check the mobile phone box that you got while buying.
– If you bought the phone through amazon or Flipkart, check the invoice.

IMEI number

3. Apps to Find Your Android device

Another quick and no-cost way of finding your device location is to send a code via message which will make the phone ring even when it is in a silent mode and it will also send you the GPS coordinates of the device. You can use some Android apps to do this work.

Note: Finding your Phone will only work if you have any of the below-mentioned app installed on your phone. Some of the top apps to find your device are listed below:

Life360 – Family Locator, GPS Tracker

Life360 - Family locator

This is the best mobile phone locator app, the best feature is, you can add your family member’s mobile phones here and you can track the location. Easily identify the location of the stolen or lost phone. You can also create alerts when a member leaves the destination you added.

Find My Phone

Find my phone - Android App

This App will give you the accurate location of your mobile phone, you can also use this app on tablets, even on iPhone and iPad.

Wheres My Droid

Where's my droid

Wheres My Droid is another app to find a phone, but with many different features, you can find the phone and make it ring or vibrate, Lock your phone remotely, wipe data from the SD card in your mobile, SIM change notifications, and many more.

Lost Android

Lost Android App

This is one of the oldest applications with the latest updates. Along with features like finding the phone, make an alarm sound, erase data, this app has some unique functions like reading sent and received messages on your lost phone, send SMS from the web, take a picture from the front camera and send to your mail-id.

Prey Anti Theft: Find My Phone

Prey Anti-theft Android App

This company Prey Anti Theft has 10 years of experience in locating phones. Along with the above-mentioned features, this app also has location history, Control zone actions, Security message alert – you can display a message on your mobile phone with a flashing screen.

Even the Android Antivirus Apps have features to track a lost phone.

Other helpful links to find your phone:

  1. https://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/how-to-track-an-android-phone/
  2. https://www.wikihow.tech/Find-a-Stolen-Android-Phone
  3. https://www.androidcentral.com/how-track-android-phone

Found your lost Android Phone?

If you have successfully found your phone with any of the above methods, please show that in comments, also if you tried any other method show that too in comments, I’ll try to update that in the post, that will be helpful to the others. Also, try my previous post on Hidden Spy Camera Detector Apps.

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