How to Fake a GPS Location on Android & iPhone.

You need to change your mobile phone location to capture a Pokemon without walking around, Some times you don’t want to reveal your actual location to someone which might end-up in relationship breakups, or You might be a Mobile phone developer looking for a way to mock the phone’s location.

Apps to change Android or iPhones GPS location

Spoofing GPS location Warning:

Changing the location in Android and iPhone will make all the applications in your phone to act according to that location. Suppose if you want to change the location of your phone only to send a fake WhatsApp live location, but you are also exposing your fake GPS location to your Facebook friends through Facebook’s nearby friend’s option.

A. Android Apps to Change the Location of the Phone

Here is the list of Free Android apps to change the mobile location from Google Play store, these apps are based on the top ratings and reviews given by the customers in the store. Some of these apps have an in-app purchase to get more features.

1. Fake GPS Location:


The fake GPS location is the best Android app to change your location, Open the app, search or choose a location from the map and click play, that’s all. Now your location will be changed and all the apps you are using in your mobile will use this fake location now. Don’t forget to turn the location off after work.

2. Fake GPS Location by Hola


Hola is a VPN service, you can also use Hola VPN service to mask your location. Here this Fake GPS by Hola is another great app. To use this: Go to Android Location Settings and disable high accuracy location positioning/mobile locations and leave GPS ONLY, now open the Hola App and search for the location you want to show or select your desired location on the map then click the Play button. Your location will be changed now. Turn it off again to use your normal location.

3. Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Free


4. Fake GPS – fake location

5. Fake GPS Run

B. iOS apps to Change the Location of the Phone

List of free iOS/iPhone Apps to spoof your location, these apps are based on the top ratings and reviews given by the customers in the store. Some of these apps have in-app purchases to get more features.

1. Fake GPS Location – for iPhone


This is the best app in the list, you can fake your location like other apps, also you can share photos with Fake Geotags. Just open the app, tap on the location and click save or Share Button.

2. Fake GPS Location! 

With this Fake GPS app, you can share different location and other features include see the history and saving the map for future use. You can do in-app purchases to get additional features.

3. Fake GPS Location Changer

4. Fake GPS Location – Spoofer Go

5. Fake GPS Joystick & Location

Here ends the list of Fake GPS Apps, let me know if you are facing any issue or if you have any better recommendations please let me know in the comment section.

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