How To Export From iMovie on iPhone and Mac

AppleHow To Export From iMovie on iPhone and Mac

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Waftr’s Quick Answer Export From iMovie on iPhone (iOS):

1. Open the iMovie app.
2. Choose Create a New Project to create a new project.
3. Choose files from Gallery.
4. Choose Create Movie.
5. Once the files are chosen and you are in the Timeline, make sure you do all the edits required.
6. Tap Done at the top left corner of the screen.
7. When you are in the Home Screen, Tap on the Share button at the bottom center.
8. In the Window that appears, choose Export Project.
9. Choose the App or way you would like to actually export the video that you made and Tap on it.

Waftr’s Quick Answer Export From iMovie on Mac (macOS):

1. Open the iMovie app in macOS.
2. Choose Create New to create a new project.
3. In the Popup that appears choose Movie.
4. Add videos and edit the movie as you please.
5. Once you are done tap on the Share button at the top right corner.
6. In the popup that appears choose File.
7. In the Save window, choose the required settings for the export file.
8. Choose Next. In the popup that appears, choose the destination and file name for the file.
9. Click on Save. The file starts processing and gets saved in the chosen destination immediately.

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iMovie for iOS and macOS is a tool that lets you convert your photos and videos into movies by adding effects and transitions and make it good enough to share it with the entire world if you choose to. Apple considers iMovie as its consumer product while Final Cut Pro is for the professional market. You can also Edit Videos On iPhone.

Download iMovie for iOS and macOS

There is a trailer feature which is a template for a Hollywood style movie trailer that is included alongside many other features.

The last stable release 10.1.14 which was release in December 2019. Needless to say, it works pretty well and I can guarantee that I have used it without any glitch so many times.

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How To Export From iMovie in iOS?

  1. Open the iMovie app in your iOS or iPadOS device. Make sure you install it from the App Store before.
  2. Once you open the app, you will find an option in to Create a New Project. As you all are aware you need to create a project to actually export.

  3. You will be redirected to the Gallery where you can choose the videos that you want to add the movie you are building. Once added like below choose Create Movie at the bottom center.

  4. Then these files you chose will be added to the timeline and you can start editing according to your wish.
  5. Make all the necessary changes in the movie as you wish and once you are happy with the edit, tap Done at the top left corner of the screen.

  6. Then you will be back to the home screen where you chose the Create a New Project earlier. Make sure the project you want to export is selected.

  7. Once selected, tap on the bottom center icon which is the Share option near the Delete icon at the right. This will open the Share window which is native to the iOS.

  8. Scroll down and choose Export Project. In the new window that appears, choose the place where you want to share it to. You can choose to Save to Files, Save to Pinterest, Download to Youtube Run Script, Save to Dropbox, and many more.

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How To Export From Imovie in macOS?

  1. Open iMovie in the mac device. If you haven’t installed it make sure you install it from the Mac App Store for macOS Operating System.

  2. In the Landing screen of the iMovie, Choose to Create New where it shows the giant + icon as you see below in the screenshot.

  3. As soon as click on the Create New icon, a new pop-up appears with two options as seen in the screenshot below. One is a Movie that lets you combine videos, photos, and music to make your own movie. The other is a Trailer which is basically allowing you to add videos and effects to a template which is in Hollywood style movie trailer. You could make a video like that at the end.

  4. For the purpose of this article, I have chosen Movie which means I will have to all the work manually adding photos and videos. You could see that in the image below.

  5. Once you are happy with the edit that you have done with the photos and videos, Tap on the Share icon at the top right corner of the iMovie window as seen below.

  6. Once you click on the Share button, a popup appears with 6 different options. They are Email, Youtube, Prepare for Facebook, Vimeo, Image, and File. For the purpose of this demo, I have chosen File which means I want to export the project movie as a video file.

  7. Choosing File will open the window which lets you choose the characteristics of the final file. You could add a description, Format of the end video, Resolution, Quality & Compression ratio. I have chosen to keep it to the default. Final Cut Pro offers way more customization when it comes to exporting but for a consumer product like iMovie, these options are pretty damn neat.

  8. Click on Next once you done the change to the export file. This will open the Save As dialog box where you could enter the name of the end file and also the destination where you want it to be saved. Click Save once you have entered the name and destination.

  9. The file starts exporting immediately and you can see the progress at the top right corner near the Share button as seen in the image below.

  10. Once done you will find the mp4 version of the iMovie project in the chosen folder.

That’s how you export a video via iMovie in both iOS & macOS. iMovie is an effective app to do basic video editing in the Apple ecosystem.

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