How to enable Dark Mode in Gmail

Internet How to enable Dark Mode in Gmail

Well, these are the days when every app/website in the world is expected to have a dark mode. Recently, there has been a boatload of hype about the dark mode, which lets the user turn on dark mode and expect an easier on the eye background color & element colors. This is an article that lets you learn how to enable dark mode in Gmail.

Back from the early days of smartphones and gadgets, people have always looked for non-native ways to enable dark mode either in the entire system, dark mode on the browser, or even specific apps and features.

How to enable Dark Mode in Gmail in Web

  1. Open Gmail and login to your preferred browser. I'm assuming you all are using Google Chrome. If you are using Firefox, good for you because that means you care about your RAM and your device 😂.

    Choose Settings
  2. After logging, Tap on the Settings icon at the top right corner next to the profile icon as seen above.
  3. As soon as click on that, A Quick Settings window appears in the right part of the screen.

    Quick Settings
  4. In the quick settings window, choose View All under the Theme section.

    Chose View All
  5. This would open a new window as below with the options to change the Theme.

    Select Dark Theme
  6. As pointed out in the image above, you could click on the black box which is the Dark Mode option. As soon as you click on it, the theme of Gmail will be changed and you can have a preview of how it would look. But you have to remember that the settings have not been changed yet in your Gmail settings.

    Click save
  7. To set Dark Mode in action, Click on Save. This would save the Dark Mode for your Gmail.

How to enable Dark Mode in Gmail in Mobile

  1. Open Gmail App. Tap on the Sidebar at the top left corner.

  2. In the sidebar menu that appears, scroll down to see the Settings. Choose Settings.

    Choose Settings copy
  3. Under the settings menu, Choose Theme.

    Choose Theme
  4. Inside the Theme option, there are different options. They are the Light, Dark, and System Default.

    Chose Dark
  5. Chose Dark. No, Save option after that. The Dark mode gets applied directly to the app. You can go back and verify it as seen below.

    Dark Mode

The steps for android is pretty much the same. You can easily follow it into Settings and enable dark mode very easily.

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Benefits of Dark Mode

We've all been there when we are lying on bed in a dark room but the light from the mobile is blinding your eyes. It doesn't make a lot of difference even if your brightness levels are at the lowest settings. Dark Mode definitely fixes this issue. Dark Mode doesn't take the light away entirely but takes it away enough for your to use it effectively while not affecting your eyes. The following are the benefits of dark mode:

  • Exposure to blinding light and blue color results in dry and painful eyes. These lights from the phone suppress the release of melatonin which is an essential hormone required to get you to sleep.
  • Dark Mode looks damn so cool. If you are gadget nerd, you know the hacker feel that it gives you while using it.
  • This is no brainer when I say dark mode saves your battery. in an OLED screen, At 100% screen brightness, the dark interface is saving a whopping 60% of screen energy. Even Apple has promised that it would end the LCD screen and move to entirely OLED screens which means saving more battery power. Both iOS and Android have native dark mode support now, so, you can make good use of it and enjoy the experience.


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