How to Download iTunes on Windows 11

WindowsHow to Download iTunes on Windows 11

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Do you love music? Sorry, correction- Who does not love music? From the day we started listening to music, there’s no going back, right? From creating little rhyme songs for kids to having national songs for nations, songs uphold a great responsibility in our lives. We have come so far that today, you can find millions of songs to represent a single occasion, mood, or theme…anything. Want motivation for the gym? You have got many motivational songs. Want a relatable song that will help you to convey your feelings to her? (All the best) You have many romantic songs too. 

How to Download iTunes on Windows 11

Not only music but videos and movies have also played a significant role in our entertainment. I still remember watching Scooby-Doo every night. Ahh! Those were the days…

We know for a fact that everyone who is reading this article now has watched many TV shows and movies. Some of them are so iconic that we will not forget them forever, such as Titanic, Avatar, and many more. 

So, which app do you use to listen to songs and watch movies? iTunes app? That’s a great choice, but wait, you do not have an iMac, right?

Yeah, it is a bit problematic if you have an Apple device and a Windows computer/laptop but do not know how to use them together, wisely.

 Since the announcement of Windows 11, users have been looking up to the ability to install and run Android apps on their Windows 11 devices. It is a simple process as explained by us in how to download and use Android apps in Windows 11.

But what about the iOS apps? Yeah, the operating system runs on the majority of devices that are used by US citizens. Can’t you use iOS apps on a Windows 11 device? Yes, you can!

With the help of the iTunes app, managing your iPhone, iPod Touch, or any other iOS device’s whole media library or playlist is just a piece of cake. 

First, let us understand what iTunes App for PC is and what it does.

The iTunes App for PC

With the iTunes App for Windows, you can get your entire media library on your Windows device. You can even listen to the same songs in your Windows 11 device as on your iPhone. You can even download and organize songs on your Windows device, using the iTunes App. The iTunes App for Windows enables you to buy or rent movies, TV shows, music, and download free podcasts from the iTunes Store, all from your Windows computer only…wow! All in all, you can actually say that with the iTunes App, the experience on your Windows 11 device can be made almost as much better as an iPhone’s when it comes to music and other entertainment stuff. 

Download the iTunes App for Windows 11

Downloading the iTunes App for Windows is as easy as getting your food delivered at home. You do not have to download any extra application or program for it. You can download the iTunes App for Windows directly from the Microsoft Store by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Click on the ‘Start’ button. 
  2. Search for ‘Microsoft Store’ with the help of the search bar in the Start menu.
  3. Launch the Microsoft Store App from the most relevant search results.
  4. Once the Microsoft Store App opens, click on the search bar at the top of the window.
  5. Type ‘iTunes’ in the search bar and hit the search button or the ‘Enter’ key.
  6. The Microsoft Store will show you the results for your search. You can find the iTunes App at the top. Click on the ‘Free’ button to instantly download the iTunes App.

The iTunes App for Windows will then get downloaded on your Windows 11 device and it will be installed automatically; the perk of downloading apps from the Microsoft Store. 

How to Use the iTunes App on Windows 11

To use the iTunes App on your Windows 11 device, you need to first sign in or log in to your Apple account on the iTunes App. Follow these steps for the same:

  1. Open the iTunes App on your Windows 11 device from the Start Menu. The app can be found in the recommended section of the Start Menu.
  2. After opening the iTunes App, click on the ‘Account’ option from the menu bar. 
  3. Click on the ‘Sign in’ option from pop-up menu that appears. 
  4. A dialogue box will then appear. It is the ‘Sign in to the iTunes store’ dialogue box. Enter the necessary credentials to sign-in with your Apple account. You will need your Apple ID and password to sign up.
  5. Click on the ‘Sign in’ button and everything is done!

What if you do not have an Apple ID? No problem, you can also create a new Apple ID using the iTunes App on your Windows 11 computer. Go through these steps to know how:

  1. From the ‘Sign in to the iTunes store’ dialogue box, click on the ‘Create New Apple ID’ option. It is present on the right hand side, lower corner of the dialogue box. 
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions and fill-in the necessary credentials required to create a new Apple ID from your Windows 11 device.

To create an Apple account, you’ll need information such as e-mail address, password, and billing information such as card and address details. 

Once you have signed up with your Apple account in the iTunes App, you can enjoy all the services flawlessly on your Windows 11 device, just like your iPhone, iPod Touch, or any other Apple device. 

Using the iTunes App on a Windows device has its own merits too. It can be used as a backup source for the iTunes App, other than your Apple devices if the need ever be. You can even add media files to the library from your Windows 11 device in the iTunes App. One of the best merits of using the iTunes App on a Windows device is experiencing the iTunes App with a bigger screen. You can watch movies and TV shows on the iTunes app but with the iPhone, the display experience may not be top-notch. That’s not the case with any Windows 11 device. If you use a laptop/computer, your monitor’s screen will most likely be bigger than that of your iPhone. A bigger screen most definitely provides a better experience when it comes to video content. 

So, there is almost no reason for you to not try using the iTunes App on your Windows 11 device. Make sure to download the app and avail all of its benefits. It will most certainly be a new experience for you too. 

We hope that the steps which we provided to your aid are easy to understand and follow. If you feel stuck at any point in the process, we are ready to help anytime. Make sure to leave a comment too.

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