How to Delete LinkedIn account? (updated 2018)

InternetHow to Delete LinkedIn account? (updated 2018)

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Delete LinkedIn account (Step by Step)

Once you have found your dream job or started your business, you might want to delete the LinkedIn account because it adds no value to your time. LinkedIn is one of the most popular professional social media platforms that connect employers and potential employees. Most of the college students and working professionals own a LinkedIn account to look for good job offers from time to time.

Building up a LinkedIn profile is simple and it acts very much like any other social media platform. LinkedIn also allows you to follow influential people across the globe. It is a good platform to interact professionally and ask for or offer a job. If you are looking for a way to delete LinkedIn account, you might have already found a perfect job for yourself.

Here, I will guide how to delete a LinkedIn account in a step-wise manner. However, before we understand the procedure, let us discuss the critical elements related to a LinkedIn account deletion process.

Important: Read Before Deleting LinkedIn Account

  1. Once you permanently delete your LinkedIn account, you will lose all the data linked to your account. You will lose all your connections, endorsements, status updates, as well as messages. There is no way to recover these back after deleting the account. Therefore, if you have important messages on LinkedIn, you might want to create a backup before deleting the account for good.
  2. People will not be able to locate you on LinkedIn anymore. This means that you won’t be visible to potential employers looking for a job profile that meets your skill set. You might not want to lose out on good offers. Therefore, it is advisable to deactivate the account for a short period rather than going out of your way to permanently delete it.
  3. In case you have purchased a premium membership for LinkedIn, you cannot directly close your account as easily as the basic version. Under such circumstances, you need to first cancel your subscription by contacting the LinkedIn officials via email.
  4. It is possible that you have more than one LinkedIn account and wish to delete one of them. Under such circumstances, you will lose all the valuable information on that account and have to start over in the new account. LinkedIn allows you to merge your individual accounts too. Therefore, you might want to look into that before deleting the account permanently.
  5. You might want to delete your account because you feel bugged with the constant emails from LinkedIn. Under such scenarios, it is not necessary for you to delete the account. Instead, you can just go to the profile settings and reduce the frequency of updates that you receive from LinkedIn.

Method to Delete LinkedIn Account

You can quickly delete LinkedIn account using the following steps.

  1. Open LinkedIn in a web browser or on the mobile application. Choose the Me icon with your profile picture on the page.
  2. Select the Settings and Privacy option from the drop-down menu under
  3. You will see the option Closing your LinkedIn Account, under Subscriptions. Choose this option, select the reason due to which you wish to close the account, and hit enter.

closing linkedin account

  1. You need to enter your LinkedIn password to confirm your identity before deleting the account permanently. Choose Close Account to complete the process.

LinkedIn files your account for deletion but does not do so for a period of next 20 days. You can revert your decision of canceling the account in this period by logging in using the existing credentials. However, after 20 days, your account is automatically deleted.


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