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Around two and a half billion people already joined Facebook and it still expanding day by day. Facebook groups are one of the most promising communities in terms of branding, positioning entertainment and a lot of other things. Except all the business setup the reason that a billion people are accessing Facebook groups is common interests and communication. They can share their opinion in public, interact with people all around the world, upload pictures/videos, etc.

Although, groups are much valuable they don’t always work great. Sometimes they just lose popularity due to a decrease in a common interest or sometimes they didn’t make up your business goals. And if you are the admin or creator of the group they you may decide to delete it. Well if you are a co-admin then you can only delete the group if the creator already left the group.

NOTE: If you are 100% sure then only proceed for deleting the group coz once it’s deleted there is no way to revert it.


Since you are gonna delete the group you’ll lose all the content the group member posted. So, it’s your sole responsibility to let them know that that you are deleting the group also tell them when you will delete it so that they get plenty of time to download their content they have posted and they think it’s important. Also, tell them to leave because you can’t just delete a group until every single person leaves or you remove them. So, either way you have to wait for that.

Time needed: 10 minutes

Once you think you are ready to move ahead, follow the below steps

  1. Go to News Feed on

    First login to your Facebook account, and If you are already logged in then click on the logo on the top of the left of facebook. This will take you to the News Feed.
    Facebook Home

  2. Go to your groups home page

    Just click on Groups under the Explore section and then choose the group’s name you want to delete. Go to FB group

  3. Go to the Members tab of your group.

    After opening your group, go to the Members section, below discussions.
    Go to group members section

  4. Remove the left members from the group one by one.

    To remove the members form the group, click the three dots present right to the member’s name. Then click “Remove from Group” and then confirm when prompted. Remove Group members

  5. Remove yourself and finally delete the group.

    After deleting all the rest members of the group, now u have to remove yourself and the group will be deleted automatically.
    To do so click the button next to your name, it’ll prompt a drop-down then click Leave Group.Leave your group

  6. Click Leave and Delete when prompted.

    As you click the button saying Leave and Delete. It’ll immediately remove you and delete the group.delete fb group

Ready to Delete your FB Group?

So, these were the simple steps to delete a Facebook group. Hope you have enjoyed the tutorial. If you still have any queries regarding the same please leave a comment below and I’ll try to solve it as soon as possible.

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