How to Corrupt Word, Excel and PDF Files Online

InternetHow to Corrupt Word, Excel and PDF Files Online

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Have you reached your project deadline but need some more minutes to complete it? or you want to prank someone with a corrupt file? This post will help you to corrupt any kind of documents so that it won’t open. These steps will work on both Mobile and PC. Follow the steps below.

How to Corrupt a File?

Here are the simple steps to corrupt Word, Excel, Text or PDF. You can even corrupt a zip folder using this method.

  1. Go to

    Open your any browser in your PC or Mobile and go to

    go to corrupt file website

  2. Scroll down and upload your file

    Now scroll down and find “Select the file to Corrupt” section and choose any of the upload options to upload the original file which you want to corrupt. You can pick Word, Excel, Powerpoint and even PDF files to Corrupt.

    Upload file to corrupt

  3. Click Corrupt File

    After uploading the file, click on the corrupt file to convert the original file to a corrupted file.

    click CORRUPT FILE

  4. Download the corrupted file

    Original to corrupted file conversion won’t take more than a minute, once that is done you’ll see this pop-up saying Your file was dutifully corrupted, and ready for download. Now click on the download arrow to download your corrupted file.

    Download corrupted file

What type of files can be corrupted?

You can corrupt Word file – Doc, Docx, MS Excel, PPT, PDF and even Zip files.

How to corrupt a file using Mobile

You can go to in your mobile browser, upload the file you have in your phone and convert the file to corrupted file.

How can I corrupt files in a USB or Pendrive

You have to first copy the files to PC or Mobile and corrupt using the website and then move it back to your USB or pendrive.

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