How to Change the username in Clubhouse

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If you aren’t aware of Clubhouse, this app is skyrocketing as the newest hype in the social media platforms. The new audio conferencing or chat room idea is becoming a trend among the top 1%, especially on the internet to spew out their ideas.

The whole new rise of this app has got a lot of people interesting. I have attended some rooms in Clubhouse, and I have found it to be really interesting provided you followed the right people. When I say right, I mean interesting.

What is Clubhouse ?

Clubhouse is an audio-only platform that was launched at the epicenter of the pandemic of 2020 back in April. developed by the company called Alpha Exploration Co. It is known to be a group of software developers who have come up with this idea. The idea is to create a digital version of how people talk in a Club. It jumped in its hype during December/January of 2020/2021. Back in December 2020, the app was valued at $100 million and has been currently valued at more than 1 billion US dollars. You need an invite from an existing clubhouse user to signup. Here are the ways to get a Clubhouse Invite.

Check more about it at

Rooms where you have a speaker and the guests and then the audience. People are invited based on the privacy setting of the meeting.

How to change the username in Clubhouse

Even if you don’t have access to Clubhouse since you haven’t been able to secure an invitation. You could still create an account with a username. But you would be able to change it to a new username (once) only if you get to use the application by securing an invite.

  1. Open the Clubhouse app. On the home page, tap on the profile icon at the top right corner of the screen. This is where you would see a circular icon with your photo in it.
  2. You would see something like this on the profile page. Your profile details with picture and follower and following count. This page also contains details as to who nominates you for the Clubhouse. I’m hoping you are aware of the invite-only model that the Clubhouse app is going on.
  3. To change the username, tap on the username (@josephlynn in my case). This would open up the window like the screenshot below where you can actually change the username. Please make sure to change the username. And once you are done, tap on Update at the bottom.
  4. Once you tap on Update, you will be asked for confirmation to make sure that you made the right. As you can see clearly in the screenshot below, you can change the username only once. So, it’s wise to make it count. Once you are sure that you would change it to the new username you entered, tap on Looks good. If the username you entered is correct, your profile name will be assigned to you.

Once you are done, you can never come back to this screen again to actually change the username.

A lot of people are on the rise to create an account in the new app. So, it’s better to create one which is good enough for the first time. Since it has only one more time that lets you change the username, it’s better to be safe than sorry at all.

The App is being built for Android as well and will be coming sooner than expected. The high rise in demand will definitely drive the company to build better features in the coming future. Let’s wait for that and give this app the benefit of the doubt before we move on to the next one.

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