How to Change Themes on Microsoft Edge

InternetHow to Change Themes on Microsoft Edge

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After the slow downfall of Internet Explorer from being the king for about two decades, Microsoft took a different direction in creating a new cutting edge browser named Microsoft Edge.

From the ground up, it is designed to be highly customizable to suit user’s preferences. From look to feel and even advanced settings including cookie, storage etc., Microsoft Edge browser has it all.

You can even change the theme by switching between dark and light mode and even select a custom one from the themes library. Obviously, Google Chrome & Firefox browsers brought this feature a long time ago to make sure that the users have a great control over how the browser they use everyday looks.

I have always been a fan of customizing the way the application looks according to my design preferences. I’m someone who even changes the theme inside Gmail. (Please don’t judge me!).

How to Change Theme in Microsoft Windows Edge?

The changes are specific to only Microsoft Edge so the settings are available inside the Edge Settings and not in the System Settings.

Here’s how to change the theme in the Microsoft Edge browser in your PC:

  1. The first thing obviously is to open the Microsoft Edge browser. You can do that by either opening the shortcut present in the Desktop or by typing Edge after Start Menu. Either way works just fine.
  2. Once the browser opens up, click on the three dots icon at the top right corner of the screen. This is very similar to the Dropdown menu in the Google Chrome browser.

  3. Look for Settings from the list and open it when you find it. You should probably look for it at the bottom of the list to find the Settings option.

  4. When the Settings section opens up, go to the General tab in the sidebar.
  5. Within the Theme drop-down, select the desired theme mode either Light or Dark.

Once you choose, the theme of the browser should change automatically as per the choice you made in the list. I personally love the dark theme because it’s obviously saving a lot of power in terms of brightness.

The Microsoft Edge browser also lets you change the appearance of the other facets of the browser like fonts, URL bar, etc., This gives the user the most possible experience in terms of customizing their browsing experience.

You could also change the font size as you can see above as either standard and even the minimum font size. This can be extremely helpful in managing sites with very small font sizes. You could also, choose the fonts for different font types like Standard, Serif, sans-serif, and fixed-width font.

The Theme could be changed for Edge Android as well. So, you are covered on the mobile front as well.

Recently, I have started messing around with the idea of using Google Chromeless and more another browser. Since I am using both Mac and PC, it’s becoming easier to mess around with Safari and Edge. The fact that I have been a long-time user of Google Chrome browser, my requirements for a browser have become enormous that I’m expecting certain features from Safari and Edge browser.

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