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Your google chrome browser language got changed to Arabic, or Spanish or Chinese and you couldn’t figure how to change that? well, you are in the right place – Google Chrome is one of the top internet browsers used across the globe for finding instant information from the world wide web. Just like Apple’s brainchild Safari, Google Chrome allows its users to access online domains within a few clicks and taps. You might end up getting some different language on your browser. you can fix any default language on Google Chrome also make Google as your browser homepage. Continue reading ahead to find a step by step guide on how to change the language on Google Chrome. 

How to change language settings in PC?

Time needed: 5 minutes

Step by step explanation to change the language in Google Chrome browser. Before moving on update your Google Chrome Browser.

  1. Open Google Chrome Browser

    The first step involves launching the Google Chrome window on your device where you want to change the language. On the top right-hand corner, you can find the menu option that you must click on. For the uninitiated, the menu bar is represented by three consecutive vertical dots. 

    Chrome menu

  2. Go to Settings

    On the menu list, you must scroll down to find the settings options. Alternatively, you can also navigate directly to the setting option by entering “chrome://settings/” in the address bar of your Chrome browser. 

    Chrome settings

  3. Find Advanced

    Please note that language is considered an advanced setting. Thus, you must scroll down on the settings menu and find the option ‘Advanced.’ It will give you several options on display. 

    Chrome settings - advanced

  4. Click on Languages

    You must continue scrolling down to see languages. You must click on it, and it will display several options.

    Choose Languages

  5. Pick your Language

    You can find a list of local as well as international languages, so there is very little chance that you will not achieve your preference. Choose the language you want.

    Choose the language

How to Add a New language in Google Chrome Browser

There are chances you couldn’t find your language in the list. follow the below steps to add a new language.

  1. Follow all the 4 steps as mentioned above
  2. Now click on Add Language. As you click on the blue button mentioned above, you will find a long list to scroll through with the available languages. In case you do not see your pick, you must type it in the search bar. Select it and then finally click on the add button right at the bottom.
  3. Finally, your new languages get added to your list automatically. Please remember that if you have selected more than one language, then you can use the menu button next to them and reorder them or remove them at your convenience. 

How to Change Chrome Language in Mobile?

Having very fewer steps in mobile compared to Desktop, you can change the language in seconds by following the below steps.

Change chrome language setting in mobile
  1. Open your Chrome browser in mobile
  2. Click three dots at the top right
  3. Click settings
  4. Now scroll down to choose language option
  5. and choose the language you want.

How can you display translate Chrome web pages? 

It is natural for you to want to translate your present web pages into the language of your choice. You can follow our previous post on how to translate a webpage in a Google Chrome browser or follow these steps listed below. 

  1. Step 1: First, you must go back to Step 4 that has been explained above. Select the language option and click on the individual menu option for the respective language. Remember, three consecutive vertical dots placed one below the other represent the menu. 
  2. Step 2: You will see a pop-down box. It will have an option that says Display Google Chrome in this language. Click on the small box next to this phrase. There will be a relaunch button right there. When you change the default language settings, you must relaunch the webpage for refreshed and updated results. 

Alternatively, there is a strong possibility that it may not work on certain websites because of restricted access or services. So, what should you do in such a situation? Well, it is simple! You must use Google’s dedicated translation website that helps you to translate from one language to another instantly. You can choose from over 50 styles and work according to your comfort and convenience. 

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Google Chrome language change FAQs

1. How do I change my Chrome language back to English?

Go to Google Chrome settings and click Advanced and choose English from the list of Languages.

2. How to change the language in google chrome from Chinese to English

Open Google Chrome and go to settings, click advanced and choose languages now choose English instead of Chinese from the list.

3. Do I need to download Google Chrome on my desktop again to change the language?

No, you do not need to download Google Chrome again if you want to relaunch it with a changed language. You simply need to follow the steps mentioned above. At most, you may have to quit the present session and start again. 

4. How to change the language in google chrome from Arabic to English

Open Google Chrome and go to settings, click advanced and choose languages now choose English instead of Arabic from the list.

5. If I change language on one desktop, does it automatically change in another desktop when I log in from my Gmail account?

No, the default language of your Google Chrome is not linked to your Gmail account in any way. Thus, it will not change on another desktop.

6. How to change the language in google chrome from Spanish to English

Open Google Chrome and go to settings, click advanced and choose languages now choose English instead of Spanish from the list.

7. Does a change in the Google Chrome language affect my emails?

No, Google Chrome and Gmail are separate entities. Thus, they do not affect one another. 

To conclude, it is imperative to understand that millions of users still rely on Google Chrome because it has a notably user-friendly interface. With the feature to change its theme, color, layout, and language, it facilitates every user to remain in their comfort zone and enhance work productivity. The automatic translation feature has won hearts across the globe because a significant chunk of the universal population may not be well-versed with English. Yet, Google Chrome helps them to search for anything on the internet and remain connected with the rest of the world.

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