How to change phone number on Clubhouse

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I have to admit that Clubhouse Notifications are becoming a little annoying. I know the app is doing well in terms of audience and growth. I have started losing interest, to be honest. Also, Twitter and Telegram has come up with its own version of the Audio conferencing social media idea and it has been a little audience migrating in terms of the appeal.

Since Clubhouse is still on the cusp of becoming a full-fledge application, it’s still going on to have fewer features that you would normally expect to be available on the app like changing your phone number, etc.,

If you are wanting to find a way to change your phone number on Clubhouse, unfortunately, you are in a bit of a situation where you have to do a manual sort of a pre-digital way of doing things like filling a form.

How to change phone number on Clubhouse

Clubhouse is still on the invitation-only, one person can have one account policy. So, it prohibits you from having two accounts on the same number. So, in case if you change your number or you want to get rid of your old number, its a pain in the wrong place to actually get it changed in Clubhouse. It’s crucial that you need to verify your email address so that you could get this done.

So, these are the steps to actually update your phone number in the clubhouse. Go to the clubhouse support page. Its a zendesk customer support form that lets you describe the issue and Clubhouse works on it based on priority as first come first serve basis.

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  1. First things first, please enter your verified email address. The verification is crucial to this because the email address is the only way to verify you other than the mobile number because you are kind of changing the number.
  2. Once that’s done, enter the clubhouse username. You could find this in the profile section.
  3. In the next section of the form, enter the type of request you are trying to submit. The idea option for this request to change phone number would be to actually choose My Account & Profile.
  4. Once you choose that, you will find a new dropdown with options related to username, email address and Phone number. Choose Update Phone Number from that option.
  5. Under the summary section, give a rough idea about the issue as to what you are trying to do.
  6. In the next section try to explain the whole issue with the old number and the new number etc., Please make sure to be very concise in what you are trying to explain.
  7. If you have any screenshots explaining your request you could attach that as well. I don’t think it necessary but it would really help the clubhouse executive in fixing your request.
  8. Click on Submit once you have filled up the form.

Once the form is successfully submitted, it might take a couple of days to get notified by email. In case if you didn’t receive a CH ticket or any response from the Clubhouse team, it’s better to write them a stern email explaining what you are trying to do from your registered email address to the Support Email address. (

This is definitely a tedious process because this should have integrated inside the app a long time ago and it’s hard to understand why it’s such a difficult thing to build from a software engineer’s perspective. (that would be me). The only valid explanation is that they are focused on building an android version for the millions are users waiting to join the clubhouse network.

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