How to Change Lakhs to Million views back on YouTube

InternetHow to Change Lakhs to Million views back on YouTube

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People in India are confused as YouTube India came with the new change to the views and subscribers count by using Lakhs and Crore instead of Thousand and Million. When a video gets 100K views on YouTube, it has started showing 1Lakh views instead, also the subscriber count. This change is only seen on the YouTube Android app and Desktop Web version so far and not confirmed on iPhones.

India mainly uses Lakhs and crores in their number system and when they count money or any numbers, but people are used to the M (Million) on YouTube, and it is hard to change for many. For someone New to Lakh and Crore, Lakhs or Lac is 100K and Crore is 10M.

Simple Method to Change Lakhs to Million views on YouTube

The default language change from English India to English US (United States) will fix this issue. please follow the steps give below.

Change YouTube Views measurement on Mobile:

Steps to change Lakhs to Million views and subscribers on YouTube

  1. Open Language setting in Mobile

    Go to the settings option in your mobile and choose languages and input

    Language English India

  2. Add English (United States) to the List

    You’ll be having English (India) by default, you just can’t replace that, so add English (US) to the list.

    English language list

  3. Remove English (India)

    Now remove English (India) in the list and now English (US) will be your mobile default language, now try refreshing YouTube to see K and M (Million) in views and subscribers.

    Language English US

Change YouTube Views measurement on PC:

  1. Open and click on your profile
  2. By default, you will have English (India), Click on the language setting

    language setting on Desktop
  3. Choose English (United States)

    language setting to English US on Desktop
  4. Now, refresh YouTube to see the change

This method will work 100%, people outside India can also try this method to change the Views and subscribe measure. please let me know in the comment section if you find any difficulty.

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