How to Change Instagram Story Background Color behind Photo and Posts

InternetHow to Change Instagram Story Background Color behind Photo and Posts

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Instagram is one of the famous social media right now and it is largely used by youngsters.  Every now and then Instagram gets a new feature like Instagram guides, reels, and many. People love sharing photos and posts on Instagram stories when they do they have this one question – how to change the Instagram Story background color behind a photo or a post. This post will help you fix this.

How to Change the Instagram Story Background Color behind Photo
Change Instagram Story background color

Steps to change Instagram Story BG color

Changing the Background color on a text story is simple, you just have to click on the circle at the bottom right corner and choose the color you want. and also, after typing your story message you can click on the circle at the top to change color. But you won’t find this option while sharing a photo or during repost

Change Instagram BG color on a Post or Photo Story:

You share pictures that you like or that you want to share that with your friends on your Instagram post or if that is not something you want to keep on your wall you can add that to your story. Also, sharing a latest News on a story will be really useful to your followers. When you have this post or image ready to share, you’ll get some weird background color and Instagram gives you no option to change the color.

We have a trick to change the color of the post and image story background. please follow the steps given below.

  1. Choose Repost or a photo or a link post to your story
  2. Click on the scribble icon at the top
  3. Choose pen and make the size to the maximum
  4. Start coloring the background
Instagram background color change

Now you can see from the above image, I’ve changed the background of this story from Blue to Grey. You can try this to change the color, if you want a gradient background choose 2 different colors and start brushing behind the post and photo.

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