How to Boost Your Satellite Internet Signal

InternetHow to Boost Your Satellite Internet Signal

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Satellite internet is among the top options for connectivity in rural areas. Since it transfers signals via the satellite dish rather than a wired network, it can be easily installed anywhere. Therefore, even when you live at the remotest locations, there is a fair chance that satellite internet will work there as well.

However, if the satellite signals are weak, that would result in a slower internet connection and other issues regarding in-home connectivity. During such a situation, many people tend to spend a huge amount on upgrading their internet services and equipment. Although that works, there is a chance that you can avoid that cost by following these simple tips on boosting your satellite internet signals.

Tips to Boost Your Satellite Internet Signal

Boosting your satellite internet signal can help to improve the internet connection speed and allow you to avoid any connectivity issues. To boost your satellite internet signals, here are the things that you can do.

1. Reduce the Distance between the Satellite Dish and Modem

One of the common reasons why satellite internet slows down is because of the distance between the satellite dish and the modem.

Even though technology upgrades by service providers such as HughesNet Gen 5 have lessened the effect, it still is there. So, the further your satellite dish is placed, the weaker will be the signal strength.

In such a situation, it is better to move your satellite dish as close to the modem as possible. You can also get help from your service provider and ask them about the possibility of moving the satellite dish closer to your house without causing any further problems. If that is possible, don’t wait for tomorrow.

2. Make Sure the Wires or the Dish Isn’t Damaged

Another reason why your satellite signal strength dropped can be the possible damage to the satellite dish or the wires.

That is especially useful during situations where your internet speed suddenly drops down. Get up close to the satellite dish antenna and inspect it carefully. Check for any cracks or bends on the dish.

After that, check all the wires coming to the satellite dish and make sure there is no cable showing or damage. In case there is something, let your service provider know about that and request them to fix it.

Moreover, check if the cables are properly connected. That is because loose cables can also be the reason behind a sudden drop in speed.

3. Install an In-Line Amplifier

It is not possible for everyone to move the satellite dish closer to the modem because the satellite dish is placed at a point where the view to the Southern Sky is clear. That also means you can’t change the position of your satellite dish to boost the signals unless you know what you are doing.

Therefore, installing an in-line amplifier for satellite internet can be your best bet to boost the signals. The in-line amplifier enhances the signals that travel to/from your dish antenna. As a result, it improves the signal strength and reduces the latency of your satellite internet connection.

4. Update Your Router’s Firmware

If you have tried everything but there is still no progress, that might mean that there is something wrong with the hardware that is inside your house. One of the issues among them is the outdated router firmware.

Firmware is the software that manages and controls all the router functions including the routing mechanism, admin functions, and security. If the firmware is outdated, it can cause several issues such as reduced speeds or connectivity problems.

To fix that problem, log in to the router’s admin panel and locate the firmware update option. When you find it, hit the button and wait as it finds the new update to download and install. Once that is done, restart your router. You will be good to go.

5. Reset the Modem

Sometimes, your internet speed can slow down because of small bugs in the modem. These bugs are not hard to fix and can be avoided easily by resetting your modem. That is also good for refreshing your internet connection and disconnects unnecessary devices.

Before resetting the modem, run a speed test and note down the speed that you are getting. Once you reset the modem, run the speed test again and compare the results with previous ones. That can also be done before acting on any of these tips. Run the test, do the work, and compare results. You will get to see what worked for and what did not.

Final words to Improve Satellite Internet Speed

Even though all of these tips can help you to boost signals and improve the internet speed for your current service provider, you can avoid all that by making the right choice. Only a handful of providers are offering services via satellite internet connection. While making the choice, consider what you need in comparison to what they can offer. Do some research and see which one is better for you.

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