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Ways to Block A Phone Number in your Mobile.

You may have many reasons to block a Phone number from countless sales calls to a bugging aunt wanting to know if you are still unmarried. Let us look at how you can block unwanted numbers from your list. If it is an Unknown number and try To reverse phone look-up.

1. Enable DND (Do not Disturb):

The first thing that you can do to stop or block unwanted calls is registering yourself with the National Do Not Call Registry.

  1. Goto and register.
  2. include your number in the do not call numbers.
  3. On this site, you can register up to three numbers at a time.
  4. The FTC tells us your number will be included in 24 hours of registration but it will take about 30 days for sales calls to stop.

2. Using Truecaller to Block phone number.

If you are getting spam calls and if you are using Truecaller app, it will show you the contact in red, you can straight away click Block button to Block that number.

3. Blocking Number in Phone Settings:

  • If you want to block a particular number you must go into your phone App. There select recent, find the number you want to block and select it, you will get a screen with various actions you can take, select or scroll down to block this number.
  • If it is someone in your contact list then you must go to Setting > Phone > Calls > Blocking and identification > Block contact. This will bring you to your contact list, where you can scroll through the numbers and select the ones you want to block.
  • You can also do it by your settings and going to Settings > Messages > Blocked > Add new.

3.1. Block Phone Number in iOS (iPhone)

  • If the number you want to block is not in your contact list iOS 10 requires you to first add the contact in your contact list and then follow the above steps. For older version of iOS, you need to tap on the right of your screen in I area which will appear in the upper right of your screen and select Block this caller or Block this contact.
  • If it is likely they will sneak a peek at your Face Time then go the App and the last time you had a conversation with that number and click the I in the circle next to it where you will get a screen with options to take, go to Setting > Face Time > Blocked > Add New and perform the action which in this case is block the number or caller.

3.2 Block Phone Number in Android Phones

  • In Android phones and Marshmallow and Nougat, open the dialer go to the recent calls list and choose the number you want to block and select Block/Report Spam. In the event you don’t want to report it as Spam just uncheck that box. If from your contacts go to Contacts > Messenger select Menu > Blocked contacts > Add a number where you can enter the number you want to block.
  • HTC Phones go to call history and tap the number then select block contact or block caller.
  • LG Phones you can select Menu > Settings > Call Reject and reject calls from your list.
  • Samsung Phones go to the log select the number you want to block then go to More > Block settings.


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