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Looking for ways to Add Music To Instagram Story? This post will help you. Over the years, Instagram has evolved from just a photo posting platform to adding new features like Stories (Snapchat), Videos, Carousals, Music, Reels (Tik Tok), and many more features. Adding music to stories is a great feature that lets you share the music you love from apps like Spotify, Soundcloud & other apps like Shazam, etc.,

You can share music stickers or add even tracks as background to your video stories. Adding music to stories is a great way to make them interesting. Trust me when I say it’s not easy to make stories interesting.

You can make your photos or videos by adding filters, text & music. Here’s everything you need to know about adding music to Instagram.

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How To Add Music To Instagram Story

Follow the below steps to Add Music To Instagram Story on your Android or iPhone Instagram Mobile App.

  1. Open Instagram and at the home page, Tap on the camera icon at the top left corner of the screen.

    Add story to Instagram
  2. This will open up the Story creation area where you can create/customize your story. When you see the camera, Take a picture/video or even select an already created story from the gallery. As you can see I have taken a lame picture of my keyboard.

    Swipe Up
  3. After taking the shot, as you can see in the image above, swipe up to open the stickers menu. This will show you all the possible stickers & GIFs like Polls, countdown, music, DM Me, Donate, Thank you, Q&A, etc.,

    Select Music Sticker
  4. Tap the Music Sticker icon. This will open the music selection menu. As you can see there will be two tabs For You and Browse. Music is provided by Spotify. So, You would show music based on your taste & previous history. You could choose either from the tabs and once you are happy with what you have selected, Tap on the selection.

  5. This would add the music directly to the story as you can see here. If Lyrics is available for the song, it would also be added to the stickers, you could swipe the font options to the last and find the nonlyrical stickers as well.
  6. Music Stickers plays only 15 seconds of the music. In case the person who is watching wants to play more of the song from your story, they would have to choose to play it on Spotify.
  7. As you can see in the image above, you could drag the slider at the bottom to chose which 15 seconds of the song you would like to be part of the story.
  8. One more thing is you could play less than 15 seconds as well. Tap on the 15 icons at the bottom left corner.

    Duration select
  9. This would open the duration menu where you could choose the seconds you’d like to play the song. Since the limit is only 15 seconds, you could choose clip duration only up to 15 seconds.

    11 Seconds
  10. A nonlyrical sticker would look something like this. There are other visual options as well. You could choose the style that perfectly fits the aesthetic of your story content.

    Share Option
  11. Once it’s posted to your stories, anyone who is viewing your story could actually play the song by tapping on the song name at the top as seen below.

    Tap here
  12. Tapping on that would open a small popup with a music player. This could play the song for 60 seconds.

    Play after posting

Since this is facilitated by the deal between Spotify & Instagram, there is no scare of copyright issues. and here end the best steps to Add Music To Instagram Story

Adding Music From Spotify

If you are a Spotify user you can directly share Spotify music to Instagram story and the below steps will help you to add Music To Instagram Story just from your Spotify app.

  1. Open Spotify and select the song you’d like to share in the Instagram Story.

    Three Dots
  2. Tap on the three dots at the top right corner of the music Player in Spotify. This will open up a menu with a lot of options related to that song.

    Choose Share
  3. Tap Share. This would open up a list of app options to share it to as see below.

    Select Instagram Stories
  4. Choose Instagram Stories. This would open the Instagram App. One thing you have to remember is that Instagram lets you have up to 5 different accounts in the app. Make sure you have the account selected in which you would like to share this song.
  5. Choosing Instagram Story would open Instagram and create a story with the song automatically with the selected Instagram account as seen below.

    Select Share
  6. As you can see above, the album of Willie Nelson’s Always on my mind comes automatically comes in the Story which your viewers can tap to see the song. The background is also synonymous with the theme of the album art.
  7. Tap on the Your Story icon at the bottom left corner to post this as a story. Please make sure you have the correct account selected on Instagram. I have done this mistake too many times.
  8. This is just an example of Spotify. The same could be done with Shazam, Sound Cloud, etc.,
  9. As I mentioned earlier when a user sees your story with the music. They can tap on Play on Spotify and a pop up would appear like below.

    Open Spotify
  10. Tapping on Open Spotify would open Spotify in your viewer’s phones and play the song.

There have also been speculations around Instagram Story that the reach for stories with music is more than that of normal stories. The way Instagram algorithm shortlists story for the Explore section is seen to be calculated based on the music added to it.

So, if you are trying to widen your reach through Instagram, it’s a good addition to add Music To Instagram Story.

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