How to set Background image to Safari browser on iPhone

AppleHow to set Background image to Safari browser on iPhone

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  • You can customize Safari browser start page with background images.
  • Enable background image on your safari browser on iPhone.
  • Add a custom backgound image to safari browser as you wish.

At the WWDC 2021, Apple released the newest version of the iPhone operating system with a lot of updates for the built-in apps like FaceTime, Messages, Weather app, and so on. One major update as part of iOS 15 is for the Safari Browser. A highly redesigned UI and also features like customization and Tab groups.

After the first developer beta release, there have been so many changes in the next beta versions. So, the screenshots in this article might look a little different than others.

Custom background image on Safari browser

First things first, as I said earlier, this can be done only in iOS 15 so you need to get that first. As of August 2021, iOS 15 is available as a public beta free of cost. So, you can sign up at with your iCloud account and download the beta version. Please take a backup before doing that.

In case if you are not comfortable with the beta version, you can wait till the stable version is out probably in late September.

Now, let’s see how to add a custom background image on the Safari Home page.

  1. First things first, this is what it would look in the Safari home page when you are browing any thing. Tap on the tabs icon as seen in the image below.

    Select Tabs
  2. This would show you all the tabs that are open. Now that you are there, tap on the + (plus) icon at the bottom left corner of the screen.

  3. Now, a new tab is opened where you would normally enter the url to go to a particular site. Scroll down in that new tab to find the Edit option. Tap on the Edit option to reveal the menu with all the options.

    Choose Edit
  4. In the Edit Options menu which is meant for Customising Start Page. You could choose to see the Start Page or even blank page by enabling the first option. Also you could choose what information shows up inthe Start Page like Favorites, Frequently Visited, Shared with You, Privacy Report, Siri Suggestions, Reading List, iCloud Tabs. By Default all of these options are enabled. So, if you need to hide any of them, you might want to do it manually. Another option below that is the Background Image.

    Select Background
  5. Background Image is also enabled by default. There are a lot of preset background as you can see here in the screenshot above. Select any one of them and then the start page would look like this here.

    Preset Background
  6. Safari also lets you use a custom image as a background for the start page. Tap on the + icon at the Background Image section.

    Tap Plus icon
  7. In the Gallery popup, choose the image from your Photos app and then tap on it. You could choose Recent Photos or even the Albums.

    Select from Gallery
  8. And that’s how you have a Start Page with a custm background wallpaper.

    Custom Background

So, these are the things you could do to customize the home page of Safari. These are subject to change in the future changes so please be aware of it but the steps should work fine.

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